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Random Visions, And Connected Thoughts. Part 23. God Bless You

Updated on May 19, 2011

Random Visions, And Connected Thoughts.Part 23. God Bless You.

Thursday, April 7, 2011.

Spiritual Council.

Atmospheric Progression.

Lateral Pragmatic Fatalism.

Universal Solitudes Of Chemical Physics.

Bindings In Wind Tunnels.

The Philosophy Of Jargon.

Republic Of Semantics.

Geological Transmissions.

Barbiturates In Mammal Kind.

Improvident Lifestyles.

Resilient In Translucent Mixtures.

Final Composure In Stratospheric Subliminal Utopian Vicissitudes.

Calamities In Star Light.

Makes About as Much Since As Pounding On A Screen Door.

Indelible Maxim.

Too Little To Charm Penelope .

Fragrant Speakers.

Obliteration Of Reluctance.

Candid Turmoil.

Upsurge Progression.

Metabolic Tally Forth Right.

Genuine Charismatic Silly Venal Capacity.

Reluctant Gothic bi lateral Ectoplasm.

Giblet Gravy.

Ostentation's In Stack house.

Spontaneous Propulsion Of Physical Tendencies In Speed Of Light Tigers.

Lover Musicians.

Haze Of The Mutes.

Franchise Municipalities And Money On The Barrel Head.

Constipation , And Bad Reasoning.

Intolerant Forefronts.

Magnesium Suggestions.

Cowhide Leather Belts.

Two Times Jelly, Multiplied By Peanut Butter.

A Black Tennis Shoe.

Divine Distinctiveness.

Spice Of Life Rings Thrice.

Scholastic Fundamentally Required.

Switch Board Sundays, And Operators With Perms.

1950 Sweet Dreams , And Soda Pops , And Pony Tails.

Taste My Strawberry Dumplings Carolina De vine.

Strawberries In Lemon Cup Cakes In A Bowl With Pecan Ice Cream In Heaven.

Cherry Pie In Heaven.

Do Not Mortgage Your House To Buy A Tomato.

Fine Tune The Strudel.

Controlling Controversy.

Serpentine When You Run To Dodge A Bullet.

The Wild Wind, And Yellow Roses.

Ice Tea, And A Checkered Picnic Tablecloth Tablecloth.

Time To Change The Baby's Diaper Again.

Calling All Volunteers. Calling Al Volunteers.

Looks Like No Body's Home. The Baby Does Not Like Vacancy In Trying Times.

Cook The Rice Enough Please.

The Baby Graduates To The First Grade Five Years From Now.

Small , And With Attitude.

The Donkey Ate The Carrot.

Filibuster At The Senate Again.

Crown Cola.

Fruit In Heavy Cream.

Verbatim, And Two Tone Mary.

Fallacious Thinking.

Dazzling Decadence.

Reservoir Of Canned Corn, Green Beans, And Early Peas.

Sunday Prayers In Highlight Times.

Kentucky Gun Powder For Flintlock Rifles.

The Duties Of A King.

Queen Affairs, And Victoria Times.

My Mother's Name Was Victoria.

My Mother Was A Woman Of Principals, And A Business Woman.

My Mother's intellect Made Our Livelihoods.

Three Men Tried To Rape My Mother.

My Daddy Whipped Two Men.

My Mother Cracked The Third Dudes Head With A Frying Pan.

My Brother Was About Two Years Old.

My Body, My Mind, My Soul, Has No Memory Of Those Times.

Could It Have Been Because I Was Not Born Yet.

Talent Scouts In Heaven Must Have Found Me !

That's What Happened !

Grease Monkeys From Outer Space.

Buttons In Garlic Powder.

French Fried Swiss Cheese.

Muffin Blasters.

Tuna Timetables Rocking The Miami Dolphins.

Tally Up The Pumpernickel.

Cherries On A Hill Top.

Confidential Geometry.

Potato Chips , And Cheese Dip.

I Am Always Getting Hungry.

The Doctor Says I Need To Discover Food That Does Not Taste Good.

May Your Skies Be Blue.

May Your Love Be True.

May Your Eyes Stay Pretty.

May Your Teeth Stay Bright.

May You Enjoy The Pretty Daylight.

And God Bless You.


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    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Phoenix. Your findings are close enough. My definition of the first is too long. I like strawberry jelly, and peanut butter like mad. I think I will make a sandwich, like very soon. God Bless You Precious Heart.

    • Poohgranma profile image


      7 years ago from On the edge

      "Final Composure In Stratospheric Subliminal Utopian Vicissitudes" - is this something like a calm cloud??? ha ha ha

      I LOVE this one - "Two Times Jelly, Multiplied By Peanut Butter." Now that's my kind of Math!!!


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