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Rattan Counter Stools

Updated on January 3, 2011

First, what is rattan?

Rattan is a type of palm. Roughly 600 different species of palms which can be found in Africa, Australia, and Asia fall under the common name rattan. Unique from most palms are their slender stems that range anywhere from two to five centimeters in diameter. It is also very similar to bamboo in that its stems are solid; however, unlike bamboo, rattan stems cannot stand on its own.

Use in furniture

Rattan is widely-used in furniture because it can be shaped with endless possibilities and is very light. It is a popular choice for chairs, sofas, and the main focus of this hub, counter stools—both inside and outside—and provides a naturally-beautiful wood look and finish. They also provide natural air circulation so use even without cushions is common.

Rattan and wicker

Rattan is a kind of wicker. Wicker, by definition, can be made from artificial or natural products. Rattan is a natural wicker. However, furniture made from artificial woven fibers is also considered wicker furniture.

For rattan to be used as wicker, the cores of its cane stalks are processed and used.

A gorgeous example of a counter stool with rattan accents

Artificial or natural wicker?

While rattan automatically falls under natural wicker, people searching for “rattan counter stools” may not be aware of such and could also benefit from those made with artificial wicker. The only downside of artificial wicker is that is has a very plastic-y feel. This can sometimes prove to be hot and induce sweat especially in humid places. However, plastic is by far more superior when it comes to durability and is easier to maintain. They are also very well suited for outside use, as swelling—common to all wooden furniture is eliminated.

But, nothing compares to the natural beauty of rattan.

Counter stools made from rattan

Counter stools are normally made entirely with rattan or with rattan accents—with the back normally featuring a woven pattern. Some stools include a swivel mechanism and features a fabric-covered cushion on the seat only. When shopping for one, it is important to know the height that would go well with your counter or bar. Typical floor-to-seat heights are usually within the vicinity of 24 inches upwards.

Now, go ahead and check out some of the most popular rattan counter stools available below.


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