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Your Home Is Your Springboard For Life

Updated on June 25, 2016

Single Family Home


Start Saving For A Home First Thing

Have faith before money

Comfort has seniority

Before you seek your honey

Residence is priority

Purchase real estate

Soon as you can don’t wait

Own a big part of this world

Let your dreams unfurl

It doesn’t take that much

To add your special touch

Use your money to invest

Into a home that suits you best

Choose the place to live

That will only give

The style and the peace

That only you can release

Display your lucky charm

In your neighborhood

Doing no kind of harm

But only what is good

May life begin at home

And if you're alone

It will add security

To live in surety

Real estate is a great possession

For living life at your discretion

It allows you not to give away

Savings for another day

Vow to pay that mortgage

Until paid off in full

You’ll never have a shortage

But always have that pull

You will climb to earn a high rank

And qualify your life

Put money in the bank

and become a husband or wife

Keep living and you will see

Sweet peace down to the bone

You are never too old or young

To have special place called home.

This Is The Time To Buy

Interest rates have been their lowest for the last twelve months since decades. Owning a home is cheaper now than paying rent. The interest rate are under five percent. The credit scores should be up around six-twenty in order to qualify. So, continue to pay all of your bills on time. Have your credit checked at least once per year by going to Free Credit and run it yourself to make sure that if there are any issues or if the issue is not yours then you may inquire about it or them and work on having any problems removed. If you ever decide to buy a home in Illinois then I will gladly be your real estate agent. You may look me up at Wordlaw Realty since the year of 2000.

Enjoy A Pool

It is important to enjoy more of your home with more time spent there as well. A swimming pool makes an excellent summer recreation for the family. Professional or Olympian swimmers just may develop there as well.

A Low Or High Rise Condominium Makes A Cozy Home Too



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    • profile image

      Malefia 2 years ago

      Love that second piturce. Right now my daughter and I are putting together a guest house that I swear you pulled out of my imagination in that piturce! The main living area has many of the same features and we are opening up the kitchen just like in the photo. Well, I won't hijack your thread but just wanted to stop by and leave a comment. I just found your site and added it to my favorites so I'll be back again soon ;)

    • word55 profile image

      Word 3 years ago from Chicago

      Well alright Kathryn L Hill, thank you so much for that wholesome comment. Bless you

    • Kathryn L Hill profile image

      Kathryn L Hill 3 years ago from LA

      I agree so much with the viewpoint here. Home is where you can be your true self, relax, be calm, protected, safe and sound. Your home is your space whether it be simple or grand. Strangely, I am very uncomfortable in large houses. I like a small simple house or beautifully decorated cottage. By decorated I mean decorated with things found, things of nature, the old or discarded the objects of the past, revealing the history of your culture or others, the pictures of your family, colors, flowers, paintings...

      How I love houses.

      In the Bible, Jesus says, "In my Fathers house are many mansions," hmmm... just give me a small cottage by the sea or lake… and a rowboat.