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Real Estate, Economy Trends and The Tiny House Movement

Updated on January 29, 2014

Real Estate And Affordable Housing

Let’s face it, the economic downfall that led to all those housing busts and bank bailouts have left thousands of people facing bankruptcy or even worse stuck with a debt that will leave them financially strapped for years to come. But with every major crisis comes a new solution and in this case it is the “Small House Movement” or “Tiny House Movement”. Now if you’re not a hoarder and you don’t have a tendency to get claustrophobic then downsizing into a tiny house is something you should really consider. Just look at the overall benefits you get with tiny house living.

Tiny House And The Benefits


Energy efficiency

Tiny houses will naturally have reduced heating and cooling costs which means lower utility bills. You can even run completely off the grid if you decide to go with solar paneling. Now that’s what I call efficiency.

Cheaper and more affordable

Can you imagine living in a house without a mortgage? With a smart move like this you won’t be stressed out by that constant debt lingering over your head and just think of all that money you’ll have left over every month. That’s money you can use for travel and enjoying the good things in life that you truly deserve.

Better budgeting

Living in a tiny house means simple living and this lifestyle forces you to be practical with your spending. Forget about those expensive shopping sprees, You simply don’t have the room for all that stuff you don’t need.

More freedom

Forget about that big RV or rusty old camper trailer. Most tiny homes are built on a trailer making it possible to take your home with you whether you want to travel cross country or just move to another state. No more asking the neighbors to watch your house when you are gone. It goes with you.

Better for the environment

Tiny houses are certainly more earth friendly when you consider the statistics.

  • An average 2,200 sq ft home emits more green house gases then the average car produces.
  • The average house also produces about 4 pounds of waste per day


Preparing To Build Your Tiny Home

Here is a realistic look at what you should consider when deciding to build your own tiny home.

  • The typical size of a tiny house can range between 120 sq ft to 186 sq ft including loft space
  • Total upfront costs to build your tiny house can average roughly between $20,00 - $45,000 for both labor and material
  • Typically banks don’t give out loans for tiny homes as they are considered “nontraditional assets”

You’ll need to decide where to reside with your tiny house. The three most popular options are:

  1. Purchase land to park your tiny house
  2. Rent someones property
  3. Rent space in a mobile home or RV Park

For more information on downsizing to a smaller home check out some of these links below.

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    • Anthony Moreau profile imageAUTHOR

      Richard de Mey 

      4 years ago from Scottsdale, Arizona

      LOL! yeah so true.. I guess the options for land would be your parents backyard or a trailer park. I would totally be content living in a small house like that but the area would have to be decent. I wouldn't park it in a run down neighborhood.

    • Anthony Moreau profile imageAUTHOR

      Richard de Mey 

      4 years ago from Scottsdale, Arizona

      I'm sure there must be some RV parks you could rent space at in Denver. Some people even rent out their backyards to park your tiny home.

    • aethelthryth profile image


      4 years ago from American Southwest

      Depends on where you are. I'd consider that a great price for a home, if I had a place in Denver to put it.

    • Anthony Moreau profile imageAUTHOR

      Richard de Mey 

      4 years ago from Scottsdale, Arizona

      you are absolutely right about that.. good point

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      The thing is you can buy homes for 40,000 so I definitely would not want a tiny home for that high. Great hub on an interesting topic.


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