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Real Home Improvement: Expanding a Window To A Door

Updated on August 15, 2011

My biggest gripes with researching home improvement instructions on the internet is the lack of information and availability of useful information.

The availability of useful information is the result of too much information. It is difficult to find instructions or solutions that closely match your specific home improvement task or problem. No problem is truly identical from home to home. However, there should be good generic instructions that provides at least half of the solution. Sometimes that is difficult to find.

It was a surprise to me that I could not find detailed instructions on removing a window and replacing it with a door. There was one decent one in but it really glossed over some steps, mainly the part about removing the window.

The actual work in removing a window was harder than what the one sentence instruction in described. Fortunately, I did the work and documented it for my hubpage article at How To Expand a Window to a Door.

It wasn't clear what was holding the window but mine was basically held in place with shims. The window was in the opening extremely tight and felt like a permanent fixture. I was tempted to tear out the window in pieces. I eventually got the window out and what was left was an opening big enough for the door with a built in frame.

I am proud of my work and a year later, my article shows up at the top when people look for instructions on expanding or replacing a window with a door.


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