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Reasons I Love and Hate Winter

Updated on November 29, 2014


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I hate winter; let’s just get that out there now. I don’t like it, I hate the cold the weather and just about everything that goes with it. Now that I have that out of the way let me give you the top ten reasons that I love to hate winter.

  1. Downtime, it seems that since we have more darkness we have more downtime. Time to sit in the house and enjoy (or not) family. Oh did I mention that I hate the time change?

  2. Christmas, I love Christmas with all its packages, music and festivities. I must say this is winters only redeeming quality in my opinion. However it can also be time consuming, and expensive.

  3. How about baking? I have a love hate relationship with baking. If I’m in the mood I love it, but I hate the clean up afterward.

  4. Family time is always a wonderful thing, but sometimes too much is just too much.

  5. I love/hate snow. I love to watch it fall, but I hate what happens afterwards.

  6. Ice is very beautiful and makes for nice pictures, but in all reality I hate it too.

  7. Wind, I love the sound of the wind. I love to be cozy in my house listening to it, but I don’t like being out in it and the fact that it drives my heating bill up.

  8. Cold, I hate the cold weather for so many reasons. I have asthma and the cold weather can trigger asthma attacks. I hate bundling up, wearing hats, gloves and extra clothes. I prefer flip flops.

  9. Work, I hate to go to work in the winter. I am a school bus driver which means that I have off when it gets too bad, but still.

  10. Gloomy, winter is a gloomy time of year. I love the sun and sunshine and during the winter that can be hard to find.

Now that I have plied you with the reasons that I hate winter I will give you some good reasons to love it as well. I know that many have a love/hate relationship with winter.

  1. Downtime, yes I hate it and love it. I use this time to write, read and catch up on television shows that I have missed over the year.

  2. Christmas I love the lights, the Christmas shows especially Charlie Brown’s Christmas. I love the stores decorated for the season, as long as I don’t have to wait in line. I love family time, and beautifully decorated trees.

  3. I love to bake during the Christmas season. It seems that’s the only time that I do. I love the wonderful smells that come from baking and fill the house.

  4. I love family time, time to play the Wii, or board games. I love taking the time to enjoy and be with family during the entire year, but winter seems to push us together.

  5. I love the sparkle and dazzle of fresh, new snow. I love the blue hue that it produces when the sun shines on it. I love to watch it fall so gracefully to the ground. I even love to see it pile up.

  6. I enjoy the crystal sparkle of ice on the trees and what’s left of the grass from summer. I love to watch the sun light dance off of it on a winter’s day.

  7. Listening to the wind while ensconced in my warm home and knowing that I don’t have to go outside is something that I enjoy.

  8. I love the cold, as long as I don’t have to be out in it. I love that it brings us together, and brings feelings of coziness to the home.

  9. I love to go to work in the winter, because I have a job! I love to get out and look at the snow, and ice on the open fields where I drive to pick up children for school.

  10. On occasion I even like the gloom. During times when the only things you want to do is stay inside and watch television, read a book or write the gloom is a fine thing.

In all reality, we can find things that we love and hate about everything. It is all in your perspective. As we all know too much of anything is a bad thing. At the end of a long cold winter we can look forward to the spring, and summer. I love that.

Snow and Ice

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