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Why a Personalized Doormat Makes a Great Gift

Updated on June 23, 2014

A customized doormat communicates clearly your values, your beliefs and your personality. The top 10 reasons that customers look to personalize their doormat with a custom photo, logo or special text include the following:

1. Choose Your Own: While the selection of ready-made doormats is large, finding a mat that you really like can be difficult. For these customers, the create your own option allows total control over the look, feel and styling of the mat. Submit your own picture and accompanying text for a photo doormat, or work with our staff to create a doormat using your logo.


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2. Commemorate Events: A personalized doormat adds that special touch to weddings, banquets, anniversary celebrations and other occasions. For example, a doormat with a photo of the bride and groom not only serves to mark the tent entrance at a wedding, it also offers guests space to wipe off their feet before entering the tent.

3. Fun and Functional: These doormats are both fun and functional. Why not create a mat to commemorate his man cave or mark off her kitchen terrain? The personal touch will bring smiles and help keep his n' hers spaces clean.

4. Establish Workplace Culture: Personalized mats make great products for the workplace. Set one at every entrance to establish and enforce workplace culture, welcome visitors and serve a practical purpose.

5. Be Unique: Making an object unique to you is one of the main reasons for choosing personalization. Customize your own doormat for events or extend your personal style into everyday life by creating a mat for your entryway, mud room or hallway.

6. Be Memorable: Personalized products create a lasting impression on others. Whether you are looking to impress clients or amuse guests, personalizing helps you market your brand personally as well as professionally.

7. It's Easy to Find the Right Size: No more worrying if the mat is too large or too small for your entryway. With a personalized doormat, you can select the right size doormat before you place your order. We even offer a hard to find double doormat.

8. Makes a Great Gift: Everyone needs a doormat, yet it is an often-overlooked item during moves. Surprise a friend or family member with a personalized doormat for their new pad. They will certainly enjoy a doormat made just for them, and will remember how thoughtful you were to purchase it for them.

9. Works for Pets: Place a personalized doormat under your pet's food and water dish to keep the area clean and neat. When the doormat gets messy, just vacuum it or shake it outside.

10. Serves as a Unique, Memorable Promotional Product: Spread the word about who you are and what you do with a personalized doormat. Visitors to your home or office building will see the doormat that advertises your services. You may even decide to order several and take them with you to trade shows, conferences and other events.


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    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 4 years ago from Miller Lake

      Love this idea I guess you have to be careful of what type of picture you choose for it; don't want to wipe boots on the wrong face. Thanks for sharing great idea! Maybe should go to the "Dragon's Den" with this idea!