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Four Reasons Wooden Wine Racks Are Best for Storing Wines

Updated on January 18, 2015

Wooden wine racks are a great way to store and display your wine collection. Wine lovers seeking to increase their wine storage space should compare the various types of wine racks available to determine the one that will best suit their needs. Although wine racks are made from a wide variety of materials including wood, steel and wrought iron, there are a few reasons to consider wooden wine racks for storing your wines.

Strength & Durability of Wooden Wine Racks

First, wood is sturdy, durable and plentiful. A properly designed wooden wine rack is strong and can easily hold just a few bottles of wine or even hundreds. Because the wood used to create these wine racks is plentiful, there are many styles and designs available. Wooden wine racks may be arranged in such a way as to blend with your décor or be placed as a focal point in a room. How you use it within your home depends mainly on your preference as to whether it should be inconspicuous or more open for viewing.

Some homeowners choose to build custom wood wine cabinets. These built-in cabinets are very appealing, and by making them part of the home's construction, they lend a decorative ambiance unmatched by a simple stand alone cabinet. Imagine wall-to-wall racks lining a room and filled with delicious reds and whites. In the same way that book collectors display their tomes so too can wine lovers enjoy a room filled with their favorite bottles they collect over time.

Flexibility in Design

Wooden wine racks have an advantage in design in that they can be crafted into antique, traditional, modern or contemporary designs. Metal and steel racks, on the other hand, tend to be more streamlined and modern in style because they cannot be carved and shaped like wood.

Variety of Color & Styles

Another nice feature of wooden wine racks is they can be stained, painted or even left with a natural finish. Oak or pine wooden wine racks with just a glossy shine can radiate a natural charm while painted racks appear more contemporary and clean. When using wooden wine racks to cellar wines, it is important to make sure that harder woods have been waterproofed so that the rack can repel moisture that might be found in dark cellars.

Lower Cost

Additionally, another consideration when choosing wooden wine rack furniture is it is usually less expensive than its metal counterparts. To furnish a wine cellar with all metal wine racks could be quite costly. There are also many design plans available online for building wooden wine racks which can help save money especially for larger wine rack projects.

Wooden wine racks are charming in that other materials simply cannot duplicate their warmth and appeal. If you plan on collecting wines or adding to an existing collection, you should consider wooden wine racks for both their utility and design.


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      eddyjas 5 years ago

      Great article with the beautiful description of words arrangement.


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