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Rebuilding After Hurricane Sandy-Part 2

Updated on October 3, 2013

The Progress In Motion

This is part two of rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy and the progress being made with the rebuilt and construction of my sister and husband new home on the Bay.

Everything is going smooth and being done in a timely manner. The home is framed and the sheathing is being put up as I write this. Once the walls of the first and second floor are sheathed, then comes the plywood for the roof.

The front and back decks are framed out and waiting on the flooring. This I would imagine would be somewhat last. Once the sheathing is in place, then comes installing all the windows,exterior doors and sliding glass doors. The roofers will be putting down the shingles on the roof to get this home all enclosed.

Once the windows, doors and roof shingles are installed the construction team will have the entire home enclosed and be able to work on the interior of the new home all through the Winter months.

First And Second Floors Being Framed

The first floor being framed
The first floor being framed | Source

The Construction Process

As many of you may know, including all the builders and construction worker that build new lives, and new homes for so many people around the world that you must tart out right to end up right, meaning, from families drawn plans to Architect drawings everything must be done just right in order for the builders to do the proper job they were hired to do.

Start out right, end up right is the name of the game here. When the Architect gives the drawings, layouts and all the things needed to build a great and safe home, it is then up to the builders to follow those drawing and blueprints to build this new home.

The Survey is also so much involved and is the foundation of where this new home will be built on the empty lot that exist. The surveyors mark out where the home will sit, the setbacks, etc. I am not a surveyor although I have used a transit to layout where a home went on the lot when I used to build homes with my father-in-law many years ago. I am sure so much has changed since those days of my building spec homes to resell.

Back then there were no pneumatic air guns for framing. I used the old hammer and I must say with all the spec home I built over the years, I must of hammered hundreds of thousands of nail. Now with the airguns it is so much faster, although the nail guns do weigh much more than a hammer, so it is something framers must get used to.

I have to tell you that I am not a Surveyor or Architect, but I do know the process and the work involved in building a strong, safe and sound structure for the client and home owner to enjoy for the rest of their lives or until they decide to ever sell in the future. Either or, someone will own this home built from scratch, from the ground up.

Sheathing Being Done

Exterior walls now being sheathed.
Exterior walls now being sheathed. | Source

It Is So Exciting To See This Home Be Built

It is so exciting to see this home being constructed from the ground up. There is nothing a brand new home which I never had in my life, but all the homes I did have , my wife and I remodeled each one to our liking and our taste, so in a sense these homes we bought and remodeled were new to us.

Getting back to the building of my sisters new home on the Bay. After the sheathing is done, and the doors and window are in place comes the fun stuff, in which I will put up new pictures in upcoming hubs showing you the progress of this brand new home in Part 3 and so on.

Next will come the electricians, plumbers for all the inside work, and a crew to put on the siding. A crew will come in to install the decks vinyl railings. The concrete crew to pour cement under the home giving the bottom a two car garage underneath the home, which like I said is up 11 feet above the ground.

After the electric and rough plumbing is done, it will be the sheet rockers turn to come in and do their thing. This is when everything starts to fall in place and really starts to look like a real home.

Once the sheet rock is in place and all the finish spackling is complete it will be time for the painters to come in and paint the entire home. Here is where I will help my sister and her husband. I used to have my own painting business, and still paint homes to this day on my days off from my regular job.

It will be awesome to help out my sister to make her new home colorful and cheerful to match where it is located, right on the Barnegat Bay.

After painting is complete, it will be time to hang all lighting fixtures, electric outlets and the plumbers will be installing vanities and sinks and in the meantime the kitchen cabinets, counter tops will be installed as well.

As far as as the flooring I think they are going with wood in the main living areas and the second floor bedrooms will be carpet as far as I know, but then here is another contractor to install the flooring and the upstairs carpets.

There is so much involved in building a new home, as I am sure you know if you ever had to go through building a new home.

If any contractors are reading this, I know you know whats involved that's for sure. When I was building spec homes with my Father-In-Law years ago there was so much planning for the next step to be done and having the contractor at the site when they are need and on time so that the building process would go smoothly and be completed on time.

Everything has to be done in order, and there cannot be any short cuts taken whatsoever when it comes to building a strong, sound and safe home.

I will be taken photos in the upcoming days and writing Part 3, 4 and maybe 5 of the progress of this new Bayfront home.

Thank you for reading, and if you wish, please leave a comment. I hope you enjoyed the photos of the progress being done on out home.

Look for Part 3 of Rebuilding After Hurricane Sandy in the coming days.

Here Are Some Pictures Of How It All Began


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Mark, the rebuilding is coming along great. I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. The last picture looks awesome. I'm sure you're all very excited about the progress and completion of the home. keep us posted:) This hub is well-done and very detailed.

    • the clean life profile imageAUTHOR

      Mark Bruno 

      5 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      FloridaBeachLover- Thanks for stopping by and reading and thanks for the compliment as well. I will keep posting as the home is being built. I can't wait to see the final product done and lived in. Thanks for thew Vote up and the others too.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      The construction is looking good. You have explained the process very well. I love the third picture overlooking the water. I'm sure that it's going to look very nice once the kitchen cabinets, counter tops and fixtures are installed. Wooden floors are nice and very much in style. Thank you for sharing. Voted up awesome, beautiful, useful except funny.


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