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Reconditioned and refurbished power tools

Updated on September 20, 2010

Refurbished and reconditioned power tools are on offer everywhere. EBay has a special section for them, as does Amazon and many other electrical wholesalers. But what is refurbished? What does reconditioned mean? Are they used machines which are going to break down within a week? Which ones come with a guarantee? All these questions need answering, because nobody wants to buy a refurbished power tool at a special price, just to find it is not working, or has a problem which will cost more to get it fixed, creating a false economy, and an irate power tool user.

Most of the top brands of power tool manufacturers such as Hilti, Bosch, Makita, Hitachi and Dewalt, just to drop a few names, do sometimes have problems with the mass produced power tools, it happens, nobody is perfect. These machines with the problems, or the one which just simply do not work, will end up being what is classed as Refurbished of Reconditioned. This is how it happens.

Mr Smith goes to a department store and buys a Bosch electric planer on offer at $140.00, he has a bargain, he takes it home, plugs it in, only to find it does not work. So he takes it back to the store to get a replacement, which he does. The shop returns the faulty appliance to the wholesaler. The wholesaler returns it back to the importer. The importer informs Bosch headquarters, ensuring that he gets a credit note for it, and sticks the electric planer on a pallet with other faulty goods. To get the electric planer fixed by a qualified electrician will cost Bosch to much, so they sell the whole pallet off in one go in a bidding war, like EBay, but for larger lots. Once this lot has been sold, whoever bought it will then take the Electric Planer and fix it, it might only be a fuse that has blown, or a loose wire, or even the trigger has stuck. So now he has fixed this Planer, it cannot be classified as new, as it has been "tampered with" which affects the manufacturers warranty. So it is then classified as Refurbished or Reconditioned, which can then be sold at a much greater reduced price. So now it goes on sale at internet stores such as Amazon, for $69.99 with Amazons own warranty or guarantee. Brilliant.

This happens with every power tool manufacturer in the world, as it does with every manufacturer of electric and electronic goods. And this is why we have so many reconditioned power tools available, it's not they have been used on a major building project and have now done over the limit for the machine, it's just they had a teething problem. If you buy a used or second hand power tool, then that is totally different, they have been used, and may be starting to burn out, or the user justs wants rid of them.

There are many hundreds of refurbished power tools, of different makes and models, waiting for the professional or enthusiastic DIY-er, to snap them up at a reduced cost. Where ever you get them from, just ensure that you get a guarantee with them, that way, you can send it back for a full refund or replacement, just in case. They all come in the original box and with all the initial tool bits such as drills or brushes, the prices you see also include delivery unless stated separately.


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