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Red Bedroom Decoration Using Color Psychology

Updated on January 9, 2015

The Color Red

Red is the color of blood and passion, it accelerates heart rate and raises tension. In the bedroom, it simultaneously implies intimate activities to release that tension. People have long discovered that sexual arousal is linked to increased blood flow to certain parts of the body. Red roses and red lipstick -- the basics of seduction and flirt -- recreate that association metaphorically. Red is a classic romantic color, and by hanging red wall art in your bedroom you are making a statement -- not an understatement.

But there are different kinds of statements. For instance, hanging a print with a crimson whirlwind equals to making an aggressive advance -- which is fine as long as you know what you are doing. Tamer hues, accompanied by other colors, produce subtler effects. It all comes down to personal tastes and preferences. The good thing about wall art is that you can change it as your taste evolves, without a fuss.

Marc Chagall

And the good thing about Chagall is that he goes straight to the point. He depicts lovers embracing and swimming in a sea of red -- nothing else exists outside the frame -- nothing else should. There is no better way to express serious romantic interest. Although surreal, Chagall's work is paradoxically traditionalist: he shows brides and grooms getting married according to old custom. His Lovers on Red Background, Red House and Red Siren combine passion with respect and tradition.

Henry Matisse

Matisse was more abstract and used color simply for the joy of it. There are few social situations in his paintings, including the red ones -- he wanted to understand the relationship between people and color, not people and people. Hence, his are more detached and individualistic paintings; arguably they are also more sophisticated for not saying outright what you are trying to say. His Red Studio, Red Bedroom(!) and Red Interior are among his groundbreaking works.

Piet Mondrian

I find Mondrian's mix of line and color unconventional, clever and ironic. I can't really explain it -- but I see humor in these grids and color patches. He loved red and used it a lot, which helps our purpose. Mondrian's pure abstract style allows to dwell on the color and slowly absorb its meanings, which seem to sneak up on you from the masses of strategically applied white. His red compositions resemble labyrinths from which there is no escape -- and may act as sticky romantic spider webs.


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