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Red Curtains: Vibrant Color for Any Room

Updated on July 17, 2010

The color red makes a bold statement and can evoke a variety of moods in a room. Depending on the shade, it can be vibrant, sultry, romantic, or cheery. It is the essence of warmth, and can truly define a space. One way to introduce this bold color into a living environment is through details, such as red curtains.

While painting entire walls red or installing crimson carpets in a room can make an atmosphere overwhelming, a better way to use this color is through the window shades. There are many benefits to hanging drapes in this hue—they are visually appealing, warm, vibrant, and extremely versatile.

Because they are so versatile, red draperies can be adapted to any space. However, the desired outcome should be considered when selecting a style. For example, cheery red gingham curtains can add a hint of country charm to a kitchen. However, dark, red silk curtains might create an aura of romance in a bedroom area. Think about the room and its function when determining the style and color of the drapery.

Next, remember that too much of any color in a room can be overwhelming. While this is a cheery, warm color when used appropriately, in large quantities it is said to represent hostility and anger, so remember moderation. If a room has large windows and therefore a large amount of draperies, it is best to avoid shades in extremely bright colors, as they might be distracting. To counteract this effect, select shades mixed with other hues, such as cream or white, or even simply lined with cherry, copper, or any suitable brighter hue.

Most importantly, when selecting a shade or pattern, keep in mind the effect they could have on the room. Will the shades be the focal point of the space? Selecting a bright, bold hue or a large print will lead the eye straight to the windows. Maybe the draperies will simply add a cheery, understated pop of color. Drapes in a solid color or understated pattern will do just that.

There are many similar hues and patterns to choose from. From light, orange-toned shades to dark black and burgundy, there is a shade to suit virtually any atmosphere. Prints range from florals to geometric patterns, and everything in between. They can be lined, pleated, or simply draped. Lastly, there will be many materials to choose from, both light and heavy, from cotton to silk. The options are endless.

Adding a pop of warm color here and there creates energy and interest in a room. Red curtains, sometimes paired with a few coordinating accessories, are an ideal way to keep a room appealing and vibrant.


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