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Red Floral Bedding

Updated on March 10, 2011

Why Choose Red Floral Bedding for Your Home

Red is always a very sensual color to choose for your bedroom, but sometimes red walls just seem a little too bold and bright for the bedroom - a place of solitude. This is the reason red floral bedding is a perfect idea for any bedroom - it will add that touch and luxury of red without the overpowering color on the walls.

Red floral bedding comes in a variety of different shades of red and various floral patterns to please even the most discriminating tastes. Whether you're looking to redecorate your bedroom or just give it a mini-facelift, red floral bedding could be the place to start.

When looking for red floral comforters or red floral duvet covers, remember that red can either be the foreground or design color, or it can be the background color. If you don't like the idea of too much red, then opt for red floral bedding with the use of red as the flower or foliage color. If you want more red in the room, then definitely choose a red floral comforter or red floral duvet cover with red as the background color.

If you're still not sold on the idea of red, then consider all the options of red out there. All red floral bedding is not bright cherry red. There is everything from red floral comforters with white backgrounds and shades of red wine to floral quilts with rusty and warm red backgrounds. The point is that there are many different shades of red. Technically, even pink is a shade of red with a lot of white in it.

For the best selection of red floral duvets, red floral comforters, or red floral quilts and bedspreads, I recommend looking online. There is everything from bright and wild tropical bedding sets to subdued and quite elegant and subtle red floral duvets. No matter what your taste, or your bedding requirements, visit or eBay right now. They have great prices and great designer bedding labels to choose from.

Red Floral Duvet Cover

Waterford Shaina Queen Duvet
Waterford Shaina Queen Duvet

Additional sizes available


Tips for Decorating with Red Floral Bedding

While it may seem rather difficult to decorate with red floral bedding, it is actually surprisingly easy. You just have to know where to begin.

  • Choose red floral bedding in a shade of red that you love. There is red floral bedding in every shade of red from the warmest red-oranges to the coolest red-violets, so pick a shade that you absolutely love and will not get sick of anytime soon. You can also choose a lighter shade of your favorite red if you don't want anything too bold.
  • Red is a very bold and regal color, so if you're looking for subtlety in your decor, opt for a red floral comforter or red floral quilt where red is one of the lesser visible colors in it. Or, you can go with a shade of pink or rose.
  • Red floral bedding comes in everything from solid red floral bedding to red floral bedding that uses red only as an accent color. It's up to you to decide what you want. Deep red floral bedding with little color variations can be very rich, while hints of red flowers throughout the bedding can also add a remarkably romantic touch to a bedroom.
  • Use colors in the red floral bedding for decorating in accents and walls, except don't use red unless you want to consume your room in color. Choose a lesser accent color or a very neutral color instead.
  • Do not try to get fancy with wall color if your red floral bedding is very strong with little other color in it. Instead, opt for a light neutral.
  • If you're bold and want to try color with your mostly red floral bedding, think of using greens, blue-greens with blue-violets, beiges, taupes, creams, yellows with blues, or red-violets with red-oranges.
  • Decorate minimally. With red floral bedding being your main bedroom attraction, do not distract or make your room too loud with too many other accessories. You could also think of going for an Asian flare. You could add an Asian cabinet or shelving to add some fashion to the room.
  • Choose dark woods if you are purchasing a new bedroom furniture set to compliment your red floral bedding perfectly. Also choose rich, dark warm woods for accent pieces like mirrors or lamps.
  • Stick to your current decor style if you're not sure what type of red floral bedding to go with. Very clean lines look great in all types of homes, including the most modern, while large flowered and smaller floral red floral bedding look better in more traditional or Victorian homes. Red floral quilts are a great idea for older homes as they keep the natural Colonial feel to the bedroom.

For a large selection of pricing, patterns, fabrics and choices in general, try looking online for your new red floral bedding.

Red Floral Contemporary Duvet Cover

Red Floral Bedding
Red Floral Bedding

The Red Floral Quilt and the Red Floral Bedspread

Too often do people dismiss putting a quilt in their bedroom, always opting for a comforte or duvet cover. In reality, a red floral quilt or red floral bedspread could be the cooler feeling comfort you've been needing during the warmer months.

I believe a reason why many dismiss a red floral quilt or red floral bedspread is because they see quilts and bedspreads as being old and boring, while in fact, there are hundreds of beautiful, even modern red floral quilt designs out there. Below, you can see some of the red floral quilt and red floral bedspread designs available. These are just a handful of what is out there online. Whether you're looking for a modern quilt or a traditional and very Victorian quilt, you are sure to find what you're looking for online.

Red Floral Quilt, Red Floral Bedspread, and Red Floral Coverlet


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