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Red Toile Bedding

Updated on October 1, 2010

Creating a French Fashion Bedroom

Are you trying to create a French country themed bedroom? If you are then you may want to use red toile bedding as the main focal point for the bedroom.

Some of you may not know what toile bedding is. Toile bedding is normally made from a cotton material and cottons a toile pattern or theme, which is normally pastoral or floral. Popular colors of toile bedding is red toile, blue toile, and yellow toile.

Toie fabric can be used throughout a bedroom and is not limited to the bedding. It can also be used for window treatments, or just about anywhere that fabric is used.

Why Decorate with Red Toile Bedding

Red toile bedding is often used to create a french country themed bedroom. Toile became popular in the eighteenth century in France. It was used by French designers as cheap way to test patterns. If the pattern was liked on the toile i was then transferred to a more expensive fabric to be used.

the most popular items to use red toile on in a bedroom are comforters, bed skirts, bedspreads, pillow cases, shams, and curtains. Toile patterns that depict flowers or country life are best for creating the French theme.

When decorating with red toile you will want to stick to other solid colors in the room. The best colors to choose are natural colors and cool colors. Stripe patterns can also be used to blend with the toile pattern.

The easiest way to introduce red toile bedding into your bedroom is by purchasing what is called a bed in a bag collection. The bed ina bag will contain all necessary items to obtain a matching bedding set and takes the pain out of finding items that all match.

Red Toile Bedding
Red Toile Bedding


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