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Worm Composting with Red Wiggler Worms: Effective Organic Fertilizers

Updated on December 18, 2011

Worm Composting for your Garden

It is a well known fact among organic gardening enthusiasts that compost from Red Wiggler worms Worms are very effective organic fertilizers. Wastes from Red Wiggler worms enrich and enhance plant life by considerable percentages, making the plants sturdier and healthier with further use. These are all-organic materials, products of Mother Nature’s ecological and natural processes. Therefore, there is little risk of endangering the lives of your home garden plants with the regular and continued use of compost from these worms.

Unlike chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers from Red Wiggler worms are also very cheap. Actually, it costs as much as grass clippings and fruit peelings – which amount to practically nothing! That is one of the many reasons why more and more home gardeners are throwing away their synthetic and chemical fertilizers in favor of the safer and more efficient organic fertilizers made by Red Wigglers. The economic crunch has brought people to their senses, making them realize that they are spending more to have something that gives them less.

Worm composting is more economic, it is safer, it is more effective, it can be done in any season of the year (with the use of compost tumblers) and it is easy to maintain! But what exactly are the properties of these wastes from Red Wigglers that make them such effect organic fertilizers? That is what we are about to find out. 

worm casting "black gold"
worm casting "black gold"

Composting with Red Wiggler worms Worms

Red Wiggler worms’ wastes are especially rich mixtures which contain compounds and elements that are very good for your home garden plants and you home garden soil. Compost taken from Red Wigglers contains more nutrients than compost produced by other composting methods, thus making it the most excellent source of compost available. It is also very rich in microbial life and these convert nutrients which are sealed in the soil into forms which plants can easily extract and absorb.

Worm mucus, an element which can only be found in this worm's composts, prevents nutrients from washing away with the first watering so the plants get to absorb more of the nutrients. Another advantage of using Red Wigglers for composting is that they improve the water holding capacity of the soil. Thus, the moisture of the soil improves and along with it, the welfare of the plants. Red worms’ composts also improve the structure and growth of the plants’ roots, further enhancing their health and strength.

Worm Composting for Rich Organic Fertilizer

Putting all these together, we can now see why composting with Red Wigglers is so popular among organic gardening farmers. Now we can see why Red Wiggler worms’ composts are amongst the most valuable organic gardening supplies for organic gardening enthusiasts. And now we can see why you too, should employ some Red Wiggler worms for your home garden.


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    • Joyce_the_VA profile image

      Joyce_the_VA 7 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks for dropping by Idezearn. It's true that more people are venturing into vermicomposting because it not only helps the environment, it also has a lot of benefits for the plants and the garden :)

    • ldezearn profile image

      ldezearn 8 years ago

      "HELLOOO" from Tennessee, USA

      I enjoyed your hub on composting. I'm just getting started and it surprises me how many women verses men that are composting. I assume that they are more concerned more about the enviroment than men and they are doing something about it. Composting for me is not only an enjoyable hobbie, but I'm actually doing it to be "green".

      Good Luck to you and I hope that you will join my hub and provide helpful coments to my composting venture.