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Red Wine Stain Removal

Updated on December 22, 2010

Red Wine Stain Removal Technique

Looking for red wine stain removal?

Normally you will hear that red wine stain removal is close to impossible to do, especially if the stain has sat for any amount of time. Even just the hour until the part ends. However there is this techinuqe that you can use that will make that red wine stain disappear before your eyes!

Do You Have Red Wine Stains?

If you love red wine, chances are you have tried to get it out of things before. The spill on that shirt or dress. Or maybe the drop on the white sofa? How about that stain from that glass of wine that got dropped on your new white carpet at the party?

You should note that this neat red wine stain removal process works very well on white objects. White shirts, white sofas, carpet ect. However this red wine stain removal technique will work on colors also, however you want to be careful when using on colors. Read through the article and I will explain below.

Red Wine Stain Removal Process

This method of red wine stain removal is not a product you have to buy, but a homemade method you can use to remove the red stain. The reason that it is difficult to remove red wine stains is because red wine contains a thing called tannins, which is what gives the wine a rich, vibrant color.

You will need to start by mixing 1 cup water with 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide, after that you will want to add a little bit of soap. About the same amount you would add to your sponge when washing dishes.

Any soap will work really, it can be regular dish soap if that is what is easiest for you to use.

Now add those things together and put the red wine removal solution into a spray bottle. Simply spray the mix directly onto the stain. Now watch in amazement as the stain magically disappears before your eyes!

How Does This Red Wine Stain Removal Process Work?

Well, the truth of this method is that the stain is not actually gone. The red wine is still in your carpet. However the solution takes the color out of the stain. However, removing the color of the stain and then cleaning your carpet from the solution makes your carpet as good as new!

This works before hydrogen peroxide is sort of like a natural bleach. A lot of people use hydrogen peroxide for their cleaning, usually paired with vinegar.

Red Wine Stain Removal On Colored Surfaces...

You can use this red wine stain removal method on colors but it is a little more tricky, this is because you want to remove the color of the stain, and not the color of the fabric.

To remove the red wine stain from colors use the same red wine removal solution mentioned above. However here is what you will want to do:

Use the red wine stain removal solution the same way, spray onto the stain and watch it disappear. However now you will want to put any clothing into the wash straight away to keep the color of the fabric from being bleached as well.

For carpets and couches with red wine stains spray the solution, then blotch the solution up affer the stain is gone, then wash the carpet or sofa. If you do not have a carpet shampooer or wet-vac you can use to wash the carpet or sofa then you will need a towel and spot remover. Then do the following:

You will want to blot the area dry with a clean towel, after that you will use a spot cleaner of your preference and then blot the area dry again. Then repeat, use spot cleaner, and blot dry.


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