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Attractive Red dinnerware Sets for Christmas

Updated on September 29, 2012

Why a Red Dinnerware for Christmas?

Red is the color of love. Christmas is the Celebration of love. What more could be a better reason to gift your family a red dinnerware for Christmas? Red dinnerware sets look stylish for the modern home and can be used throughout the year, not just for Christmas.

Holiday Dinnerware Guide

You can find the list of top 10 Holiday dinnerware collections exclusively released for this year at Holiday Dinnerware Guide.

Mikasa Dishes with Red Circles

Simple geometric shapes in walls, carpets or tables give a modern look to your home. In that way, Mikasa 4 piece dinnerware set comes with fun, red circles on a pure white background. The plates are made of porcelain and the set includes a dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl and a mug.

Feast your Family with Fiesta Dinnerware

Being the most collected dinnerware brand in America, Fiesta boasts all its dishes to be Microwave safe, Oven-proof, Dishwasher safe, Freezerproof, Lead-Free. They are not a cheap China make, instead they are manufactured in America following green practices. One good news about Fiesta is that, they have passed all recalls proving that the Fiesta dinnerware is lead-free and don't absorb food. It is available in cheerful colors for this generation and is quite durable to be passed on to the future generations.

Fiesta Cobalt Dinnerware looks like this


Gift a Fiesta Dishware this Christmas

Durability becomes more important when you gift a dinnerware to your dear one on Christmas. None of us would like to hear them complain that the dishes had chipped. And of course, there is the look factor. This Fiesta Scarlet Square dinnerware has both the style and strength to make a worthy gift. The only problem which customers had with this set is that they don't stack on top of each other in small cupboards. A 3 piece set includes a dinner plate, bowl and mug. A 4 piece set has a plate extra and is the favorite of many homemakers. You have a lot of color choices with this design like Ivory, Peacock, Cobalt, Turquoise, Tangerine, Sunflower, Shamrock, Paprica, Chocolate and Lemon Grass. My vote goes for Cobalt! It looks like the image on the right and not like the one at Amazon. Check for discounts at Amazon before buying one.

PS: Amazon offers gift wrapping with this set. So utilize the facility if you're going to gift it!

Fiesta to add color to your food


Mix and Match two or more Fiesta Dinnerware sets

You can get four 4 piece dinnerware in four different colors and mix them to form a colorful dinnerware like this. Fiesta Scarlet, Sunflower and Peacock make a good combo. In the picture are Fiesta sun flower, Turquoise, Shamrock and Paprika.

Red and Black 222 Fifth Ravi

222 Fifth Ravi dishes are stone ware. Stoneware dinnerware are always heavy and require careful handling. In-spite of it, people take pride in owning red stoneware. It serves four and is dishwasher and microwave safe. One point to note. Never place the dishes on a glass table without cover plates.

Gibson Soho Lounge 16 Piece set

Many people have fallen in love with the look and say that they add presentation to any table. But they get scratched when you stack one on top of other. So make sure you place a tissue or cloth or newspaper in between the plates. Apart from that, the price is perfect for the quality. The set serves 4 and can be cheaply replaced. The ceramic body makes it resistant to wear and tear. Gibson Arise and Denova are other red dinnerware sets.

Home Trends Rave Red Collection


Red Dinnerware from Home Trend

You can catch up with attractive red dish sets by browsing through Home Trends Catalogs. WHile Home Trends Rave in very popular for its red color, Home Trends Kasbar has black Dotted designs on a red base. Home Trends Bazaar design is also in red, and has hand drawn lines that run stylishly across. This design is famous for its deep mugs and bowls.

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