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Redecorating Your Bedroom for Romance

Updated on July 12, 2011

Once the kids arrive it can be difficult (sometimes it seems impossible) to find time for romance. Children seem to invade every portion of your lives. However, they will eventually move out and it will just be you and your spouse again. So, rather than find yourself living with a stranger, take steps to put romance back in your lives. The first and most important step is to reclaim your bedroom.

Your bedroom should be a haven for you and your spouse. Ideally it should be a place you can interact as adults and reconnect on a romantic level. However, if your bedroom is to become a romantic refuge some redecorating may be in order.

The most obvious step toward reclaiming your bedroom is to remove those elements implemented by or for your children. Moreover, while you are removing the clutter caused by your children it would also be a good idea to remove the general clutter.

Once you've removed the clutter and have some room to work it is time to consider how best to bring romance into your decor. When decorating for romance try to include as many of the senses as possible. Most people consider the color scheme and nothing beyond that. However, if you truly want to achieve romance, it is best to incorporate all the senses.

According to an article in Psychology Today Magazine human emotions are strongly moved by smells. No doubt the rest of the house is full of the smells of your children. So for the bedroom try to incorporate scented candles, potpourri or essential oils (sprinkled on the bedding) into your plans. Choose a scent that has significance to both you and your spouse, or choose aromatherapy advertised for its sensual appeal.

Touch, in the sense of decorating your bedroom, refers mostly to the textures of your bedding. Choose a comforter with an appealing texture as well as appropriate color. Try to avoid scratchy laces. Velvets, silks and satins are all good choices. Decorative pillows give you a chance to indulge in a symphony of textures. For the sheets some people will tell you to choose silk or satin for romance. However, I prefer a good 100% Egyptian cotton sheet. It feels smooth and soft as butter against the skin. (For more tips on buying your sheets go to Best in Bedding.)

Sound is another area where your children can fill the whole house. So, a little white noise in the bedroom can be a relief. Consider a water fountain or a gently blowing fan. A CD player is also a good choice, whether it's playing white noise or the latest romantic songs. Keep these elements in mind as you consider the visual appeal of your room.

Greens and blues are restful color choices. Green, because it is so prevalent in nature, is seen as a color of safety and healing. Perhaps this prevalence is also the reason green is the most restful color for the eyes. Blue actually slows our metabolism. It is seen as a color of tranquility, trustworthy and dependable.

I currently have a bedroom decorated in blue and green ocean tones. However, to add the spice of romance, there is an orange sunset above the headboard and a couple of groupings of sunset colored candles. (Sometimes I alternate the candles with photos framed in orange and gold, one paired with a vase of sunset colored flowers.) I could also have chosen to go with an orange bedspread and three groups of candles.

I chose orange because it has an invigorating effect. It stimulates mental activity by increasing the oxygen supply to the brain. Orange is a fun color full of warmth and energy, often associated with fascination and attraction.

However, I am redoing my bedroom to create a more blatantly romantic effect. For that reason I've chosen reds and browns as my new colors. While blue slows the metabolism, red increases it--raising your respiration rate and your blood pressure. Red has long been seen as the color of love, passion and desire.

Brown, on the other hand, is a color of stability. While brown can be seen as a masculine color, it is the color of our earth. Therefore, it is seen as the color of reliability and introduces a feeling of approachability.

While you can use red for your walls, that much red color can be very invigorating and dramatic. As a result it is best paired with a brown bedspread (I would choose chocolate brown myself) and sepia tone pictures. Small touches of gold could also be added into the color scheme. (Gold evokes feelings of luxury, prestige and wealth.)

I plan to use brown for my background and red as the accent color. Choose your shade of brown to fit your space. A chocolate brown on the walls (like any dark color) can make the room feel smaller. Also, if you choose a darker wood for your furniture it will have a tendency to fade into the walls. However, if you pair the darker walls with watercolor pictures or sepia tone photos with some color brushed in, the effect can be quite dramatic.

For example, my furniture is in a very dark wood. I plan to paint the walls in a milk chocolate color and add a few sepia tone pictures; one in particular of a little boy presenting a girl with a red rose. Paired with a red bedspread and some red candles the room will really pop.

For a less aggressively romantic room you could use pinks, which are still seen as sensual and passionate but with the more lighthearted feel of remembered childhood. Or, because some men strongly dislike pink, tone down your reds by pairing them with white. With its association with innocence and purity white will tone down the aggressive qualities of your red accents.

Another color choice for adding a touch of romance would be purple. Often associated with royalty it also evokes an air of mystery and magic. Purple is a mixture of red's stimulation and blue's calming nature.

A dark purple color pairs well with blue. Use a dark purple and deep blue bedspread--velvet is a good luxurious choice. Choose a subtle shade of blue on the walls paired with pictures of blue and purple wildflowers or majestic purple mountains. Add a touch of gold for an added touch of luxury--gold candleholders, or maybe a couple gold throw pillows. For a truly royal feel leave out the blue and pair purple with gold.

If you are using a lighter shade of purple like lavender pair it with a yellow rather than a gold. As the color of sunshine, yellow evokes cheerfulness and happiness. My mother chose this color scheme for her bedroom. The bedspread is lavender with yellow daisies. This color scheme also works well with pictures of purple mountains and wildflowers. Although in this instance fields of daffodils would not be out of place. My mother added dark purple velvet drapes for a touch of royalty and mystery.

If you are using lavender you could also sneak in a small amount of pink. If you use your pinks sparingly and subtly they are likely to go unnoticed will still adding a passionate undertone to your room.

One final color option for you to think about is pairing green and gold. Gold will bring in that feeling of luxury, while the green will provide a feeling of restfulness. Tan walls would work well in this instance paired with pictures of lush green forests and meadows framed in gold.

I hope you are able to use these ideas to create a bedroom that fits your own romantic style. Bring in a bottle of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries and you can create a romantic atmosphere that touches all five senses.


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    • profile image

      nirmalpatil 7 years ago

      Great blog on redecorating your bedroom. I am looking for similar articles on decorating and designing my bedroom. Your blog proved useful.

    • profile image

      Bedspreads 7 years ago

      Neat idea ! I am more of a passive person but i need to reinvent myslef. Your hub will be useful for me in the next future.

    • antonrosa profile image

      antonrosa 8 years ago from USA

      What a great idea! Thanks for sharing...

    • Morris Streak profile image

      Morris Streak 8 years ago from UK

      When I redecorate I'm more into getting rid of clutter and making more space so that I don't see more clutter. In my experience the optimal aesthetic set up seems to find its way as I get rid of visual clutter. Good hub, by the way. I'm into home improvement myself.

    • Montana Farm Girl profile image

      Montana Farm Girl 8 years ago from Northwestern Montana

      Wow, that hub was packed with lots of great info!!! We have completely demolished and renovated the home we are now in... (i have several hubs about it) .... and will be completing a new addition, A NEW BEDROOM!!! So your hub caught my eye.... not sure about the colors and decor yet, but I know I want it to be our "retreat" :-)....

    • profile image

      Sciantel 9 years ago

      Hi. I like to decorate. I mean completely redo my whole bedroom once a year. It's great for memory and it helps me not dwell in the past.It'sa good to start over. Come check out my hubs. If it is your cup of tea feel free to join my fan club and I will certainly join yours!