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Reducing Your Monthly Air Conditioning Bills And Saving Energy Tips

Updated on August 20, 2014

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Reducing the Monthly Air Conditioning Bills - Know-How

It may be that electricity bills increase in costs with every year, but it is true that summers have become hotter and hotter for the past decade determining many home owners and office workers to use more frequently their air conditioning. Now you know how they say: the hotter a summer is the colder a winter ends up being.

So, it seems that no matter in what season you are, summer or winter, the need of air conditioning is always there with you. If you are tired of paying so much on the electricity bills each and every month due to the excessive use of air conditioning, here are some things that can help you reduce these costs:

* One good idea would be to purchase a programmable thermostat since this is a very useful device into helping you to save money on your monthly electricity bills. With a few clicks on the buttons you can regulate and control the amount of air conditioning that you use both at home and in the office. The most important feature is setting the thermostat to turn off when there is no longer need for it.

In case you plan on going away in a holiday trip you can simply have the device turned off and program it to turn on with 10 minutes before your arrival at home. Or if you want for the device to blow hot air during winter times only for well defined periods of time, before you go to bed or to have it turned on with 20 minutes before you wake up in the morning, you can do this as well. So, you can save pretty much on this unit if you invest in a programmable thermostat.

* If you live in a hot climate region make sure that you install double and triple panned windows that will insulate the house interior without needing to make use of air conditioning because these windows are designed to decrease the room temperature. This will considerably reduce the costs on electricity bills since there won't be the need to switch on the air conditioning.

Usually these installations are done together with the house building, and in case you haven't introduced them from the beginning, then a good idea would be to install dark colored shades for the windows. The trick here is to leave the windows wide open throughout the night and during the day when the sun is up and shining to pull down the shades to preserve the cooling of the night and morning air.

* Another way to reduce the monthly bills on air conditioning is to make use of ceiling fans for shorter periods of time until the air get cooler and then have them turned off.

Use the Following Green Energy Advice in Order to Save Money

With the costs of energy bills increasing periodically, one will only seek for ways to help them reduce these costs and one such way might be to become a green energy user. These ways may include as well a few modifications that require money, but it is definitely worth investing, given the fact that many of the costs related to eco-friendly measures are tax deducted.

Here it is what you can do:

* First of all insulating the house is the best way to save the energy inside the house during cold months of the year. Usually the houses built before the 50s are pretty old in details related to good insulation and they can suffer these modifications if you want to save money on energy costs. This is as well a great investment, but insulating windows, attics, entrance doors, may contribute a lot to becoming green because there will be less need of consuming energy to warm up a house.

Also it can be a great method to keep the space cooler during summer season hence less frequent use of your air conditioning system. It is worth mentioning that such a project may be as well subjected to tax deductions in case you resort to a loan to insulate properly the house.

* Heating costs can be as well reduced when you need to use hot tub or your pool. Use for this reason solar heaters that get powered up by solar energy. Again a home improvement project that can be tax deducted with the costs incurred by this project.

* Speaking of hot water, why not do the laundry with cold water instead of hot? Many laundry washing machines will consume a lot of energy only by heating the water in the process of cleaning. Instead program your machine to go with cold water while using a powerful detergent to help with a proper cleaning of your clothes. Ah, and one more thing here: always use the full load and do not start the machine with a small amount of clothes.

* Green energy products are not so expensive with many manufacturers competing on the market. So you can take advantage of this fact and purchase these units that can help you save more money in the long run.

* If you do not use your computer for more than 20 minutes, then set it on the sleeping mode because in this way you can save more energy. Do not rely on screen savers thinking they save energy, 'cause they won't. Instead setting the computer on sleeping mode can do better for your save money purpose.

A Few Useful Facts on Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting used around the house comes in two ways: the indoor and outdoor lighting and if you want to save more money on your energy bill, you can make use of energy efficient lighting for both these spaces of your home place. It has been calculated that for an average sized home more than 6% of the monthly energy bill goes for the lighting. At this point you may want to switch the lighting system to the more efficient lighting and you will find out that your costs are reduced on your energy bills.

One way to reduce the bill is to make use of motion sensors and timers because in this manner the lights are turned off automatically when a specific place is not used both indoors and outdoors. The motion sensors are more often used with the outdoor lighting and many home owners have included them not only as ways to save the costs on the monthly bills but also as security way to let them know when somebody is outside their home.

Now the bulbs that are the most commonly used for both indoor and outdoor lighting are: fluorescent bulbs, LEDs and incandescent bulbs. The later ones are definitely the ones that take a lot of energy to burn because they need more power to give light and also take on more power to provide the same amount of light for the time they are switched on.

In this case you should turn to the energy efficient bulbs that are known as fluorescent bulbs and will also take only one fourth of the power that is taken by the other bulbs. More than this, they even last for longer amount of time so if you purchase one, you can ensure that you will benefit from it for a considerably long time. So if you have 10 bulbs in your house or more, you should consider replacing them with fluorescent bulbs and have as well other ten as back up bulbs.

One other way to help you save on energy bills is to make use of daylight as much as possible. For this reason, make sure to keep the curtains off and let the daylight come in. It is also better for the eyes. If you feel like adding more color to the light inside the house, you have various choices of colorful bulbs not to mention that you can use as well dimmers to get the right amount of light that is needed.

For the outdoors, you can do the same thing, and do not forget to use the motion sensors that can save a lot on your energy bill because the bulb won't burn non-stop but only when someone is out there.


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      Maira818 3 years ago from Los Angeles, Ca

      Thank you so much grand old lady, I appreciate your comment :)

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      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 3 years ago from Philippines

      Your article is very helpful, particularly since the Philippines has the third highest cost of electricity in the world. Thank you for these wonderful suggestions!