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How to Refinish Wicker Furniture

Updated on July 1, 2013
Before - Applying prime
Before - Applying prime

As this chair sat day after day for the last 12 years through rain, wind and hot summer days, I thought it was time to junk it. On the other hand, why not try to refinish it. I just moved into a larger home and can't really afford to buy more furniture to fill up all my extra space. A little bit of re-enforcement on the seat and a fresh coat of paint is a great alternative when I have a small budget.

Materials Needed

Since the chair had been weathered for some time, I needed to use an interior/exterior mold & mildew stain-killer primer before putting on a base coat. A water based primer was best for me because it dries faster and has less odor while applying it. It can be purchased in a spray can or a quart can. Since I do many paint projects at home, I used my quart of primer I already had and just thinned it with water so I could brush it on easier. I actually preferred it so I can get the primer down in all of the cracks and crevases. Another advantage to using a quart can verses the spray form is that you can tint it to a color closer to your selected base coat. This will allow better coverage.There are two different primer brands that I recommend; Bulls Eye 1-2-3 by Zinsser or Rust-oleum Universal interior / exterior primer. The best paint to use for painting wicker is Rust-oleum Painter's Touch used ideally for indoor & outdoor wood, metal, and wicker surfaces. There are many great colors to choose from, but I chose an espresso brown in a satin finish. If you prefer a shiner finish, It also comes in a high gloss.

Primer (Zinsser or Kilz brand) - $7 - $10 dollars depending on product

Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Paint 1 1/2 cans used @ $4.29 ea.

Disposable 1 1/2" paint brush - approx. 79 cents

Drop Cloth

After - Dark Espresso Paint
After - Dark Espresso Paint

Simple Instructions

Before you start painting, select a place that is well ventilated and away from other objects to protect from overspray. For best results, make sure paint and primer has been setting at room temperature when painting any projects. Prime all areas of wicker and allow it to dry for about 30 - 45 minutes. Spray on base coat making sure all areas are covered from all angles. Apply second coat a few minutes apart. This project can easily be completed in approximately 1 1/2 hours.



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