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Refrigerator magnets, clips, art - Turn the fridge into something else

Updated on February 3, 2011

Funny refrigerator magnet comic

Decorating the fridge - lots of fun

Magnets are odd but using them to stick things to the fridge is not!

If you went to homes across the country you might be hard pressed to find one without a single magnet of any kind on their refrigerator. Refrigerator magnets have become a common place decoration in the home. They're used for fun, for reminders, business promotions from favorite companies, and proudly displaying that A in science that your kid received.

Magnets come in hundreds of thousands of shapes and forms. The purposes can vary just as much.

But what's the big deal? Why stick things on the fridge, or anywhere?

  • The ever common use for magnets is holding things on the fridge to remind us of some upcoming event or show off the latest art piece.
  • People like novelty magnets for their uniqueness and humor. A quick glance at the fridge first thing in the morning can bring a chuckle to brighten the mood.
  • Some magnets will display a more serious topic reminding us of some important thought or idea. A famous saying can remind us of some purpose to which we were striving for, or a poetic montage can get us thinking.
  • Many businesses use magnets as promotional pieces and small gifts. They realize that the fridge is a very commonly used appliance in the house so having a presence there will be a constant reminder.

Mini clips - the new use for magnets!

There is a rather unique way to attach pictures and notes to the fridge now. Mini-clips are small claw like contraptions that pinch things in place with a set of teeth. These clips then stick to the fridge with magnets.

It's sort of interesting in that all it does is attach another step to the process of sticking things on the fridge. It still has a magnet that can sandwich a piece of paper to the refrigerator, but the main holding part is the teeth.

It's a rather brilliant idea, and kinda fun too.

Make your own fridge magnets!

Buying pre-made and pre-themed magnets can be fun, and there are tons of choices out there, but nothing is better than making a fun magnet yourself!

Creativity at it's finest!

  • Instead of using a magnet to hold the family photo in place, why not print the family photo on the magnet!
  • Or let your kids express their creative talent and draw their own artsy magnetic designs.
  • I'm sure you've got a few inside family jokes or themes. 
  • Do you have your own business? What a quick, easy, and cheap way to advertise. Send out a few of these with your next newsletter and see what happens.

Do-it-yourself magnets have a lot of uses. Why not think up a few of your own.

The practical side of refrigerator magnets

Many eyes are laid on the fridge and thus it is the perfect place to stick notices and reminders.

Magnetic dry erase boards are a perfect tool to jot down up coming appointments, reminders to family members of things they need to do, or just a great place to put funny little sayings. Since these are 'dry erase' they can be used over and over again. The only really bad thing to contend with is missing markers.

Calendars and organizers can be stuck on the fridge too. Sure they don't come with the fancy pictures like normal calendars, but many of these will also be dry erase boards so you have a handy notice board for writing reminders that doubles as a reminder of the day.


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