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Reject Large Windows with Passive Solar Protection and Consider Solar Window Films

Updated on June 29, 2013

There is no point in people choosing large windows to beautify their new homes. There are too many disadvantages in including large windows aiming to reduce heat. Solar window films are much wiser choices to curb heat, reduce electricity costs and prepare your home for channelizing sun’s heat for all seasons. In order to benefit from your newly acquired home prevention from overheating and ensuring increased cooling is important. Having windows with passive solar quality is not a cost-effective solution. It has been found that new home owners often opt for magnificent and large windows. Passive Solar home designs require a lot of planning, changes and requirement for several; home elements. However after one point of time they realize that they have received nothing in value for their money. These feelings of frustration can be well overcome when one chooses to play with the sun by installing solar window films.


Passive Solar for Homes Require Various Strategies:

Distribution of Solar Heat:

In order to have new homes brighten up with passive solar energy, it is important to have solar heat transfer and distribute well inside the house. Fans and blowers distribute heat effectively. Heat is distributed by radiation, conduction and convection. Homes often use convection procedure which transfers heat through water or air and distribute it to the cooler area of the house. Convection is transferring heat from a warmer area (where sun’s activity is highest) to the rest of the home area. Conduction mechanism works when a home floor gets heated with heat transferring between two objects that come in direct contact with each other. Installing dark colored objects in rooms absorbs sun’s heat. This is initiated when including ways to create passive solar homes.

Shaping Up the Windows According to Seasons

Windows are set according to the location of a place. Windows are oriented according to cooler and hotter hemispheres. In order to store solar energy windows must be faced 30 degrees to the south. Placement should be such that during heated temperatures or summer times trees and other buildings must not form shades in the time between mornings to afternoon. This must be maintained every day. During cooler temperatures and falls windows must be shaded to prevent overheating. This process will form a successful passive solar home design.

Passive Solar Heating


Devices and Controls

Dampers and Functional Vents can be used in allowing or preventing the flow of heat. Roof hanging items can also be used to provide shade in the summertime. Thermostat items signal for fans to switch off as and when required. There are low-emissivity blinds and effective insulating shutters which can be operated well for cutting out or including heat. Awnings have also been found to be a great means of heat control.




Thermal Mass

Homes made of stone, concrete, tile or bricks absorb heat and sunlight during summers. They absorb heat during winters and traps warm air inside homes giving comfort. Including dry walls or well-insulated homes and home furnishings containing thermal mass qualities are ideal for passive solar design in homes.


Why Choose Solar Window Films Instead of Passive Solar Designs

It is better to forget all the planning, strategising and positioning of household items in order to control and channelize heat (which is required when opting for passive solar designs). It is simpler and easier to install solar window films. It reduces heat, blocks UV rays, prevents home items from fading off and adds to the privacy quotient.

Choose window films as they come with a very low price tag compared to other anti-solar or passive-solar items opted by homes. Drapes, curtains, shades and passive-solar windows are expensive. Change your mind today and switch to a more cost-effective and sun-benefitting window film installation.

Simple to put up, solar window films are fast becoming popular choices. Easy to cut and place on window panes these items come with minimum hassles.


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