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Childhood Fun in Home Decor with Adhesive Wall Decals

Updated on March 26, 2014

If you give a child a packet of stickers, they will entertain themselves for hours just peeling and sticking on any surface they find. Or any place they can stick without mom or dad seeing them. or any place they can get away with if mom and dad happen to be watching. Adults can now relive their childhood play times with adhesive wall stickers. Basically, they are decals designed to make decorating as easy as peel and stick on any surface you choose, but of course, in a lot higher areas than you could reach as a child!

Easy to Apply Wall Decals for Home Decorating

The uniqueness of this fun decorating activity is that wall decals fit in just about any room. An added bonus is that they are also removable so if you make a mistake while sticking, it is just a matter of lifting up the removable wall decals and re-positioning it until you find the perfect spot.

In guest rooms or home entry ways, adhesive wall stickers may be centered on one wall to add a visual focal point to fit the room’s theme and décor. Welcome decals or personalized wall letters help to enhance the space for guests and make them feel right at home.


Add Style with Kitchen Wall Decals

Kitchen walls benefit from the elegant design of adhesive decals. Homeowners may want to use a series of wall stickers to create room borders similar to those found on wallpaper or even surrounding doorways and window areas. They are much more affordable and easy to install than wallpaper, and they also visually combine to create more of an impact in eating and cooking areas.

Enhance Bedrooms with Wall Stickers

Using adhesive wall stickers in bedrooms is as simple as placing one above the bed to offer an enhancing centerpiece that really creates a wow factor! High quality vinyl lettering decals are also available so that quotes or motivational sayings serve as visual reminders of important topics or thoughts for inspiration at the start and end of each day.

Wherever paint or wallpaper is installed in a home, adhesive wall stickers may be used instead to provide an affordable decoration to enhance personal living spaces without having to extensively remodel or pay for a lot of installation supplies and labor. Bring the whole family together to add fun sticky decorations throughout the home, and enjoy the opportunity to play with stickers once again.

How to Apply Adhesive Wall Decals

Five Easy Steps to Apply Wall Decals

Wall decals are so easy to apply that even kids may help!

  1. Gather supplies: you'll need tape, scissors and a plastic scraper.
  2. Position Decal: put decals where you want it and tape along top to hold in place.
  3. Peel: remove the wall decal backing. If art doesn't stick, rub with finger
  4. Rub with Scraper: run the scraper along the design to ensure it is firmly in position
  5. Remove Transfer Tape: carefully take off tape backing & enjoy your new wall design!.


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