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Remedies of Feng Shui

Updated on April 5, 2018
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Avorodisa writes to her pleasure and always will. She is a native Russian speaker who adores English.

Positive thinking is one great feng shui way to avoid stress
Positive thinking is one great feng shui way to avoid stress | Source

Feng Shui And Making Decisions

Feng Shui is an ancient eastern art that teaches us how to live in harmony and balance with Nature, how to live happier lives, to choose our best destiny and how to better achieve our goals by improving surroundings.

The best way to use Feng Shui is to let it guide you as far as decision-making is concerned. It is easier to start doing everything correctly than to make mistakes that later on you will have to correct. Feng Shui can help you choose the most beneficial attitude towards the world, as well as relationships, lifestyle and destiny most suitable for you. You can use it to choose a new house or an office, the suitable patch of the building ground and the building plan.

But there are circumstances when we have no choice. We cannot always avoid negative chi. We all have to deal with difficult people and find ourselves in difficult situations in personal as well as in professional life. The best we can do in this case is to keep our personal positive chi in a healthy and peaceful state so that it is able to overcome everyday stress. Yoga, regular rest and exercise, a proper diet and a positive attitude towards life are the best means of protection against the stress as they help keeping your positive chi in balance. When your mind and body are in balance, your capacity to deal with difficult situations gets better.

Clean and repaired entrance door area attracts more opportunities
Clean and repaired entrance door area attracts more opportunities

Feng Shui Remedies

Feng Shui is often used as a remedy that is applied in certain areas of your home to treat some symptoms. For example, if you feel that your career and finance are getting worse, the Feng Shui master will examine your entrance door: if the entrance is clean, if the lightning is good, if the entrance hall looks inviting. Can people, opportunities and dynamical chi find you easily? If the entrance of your home is in disorder and demands fixing, then the best remedy is repairing and cleaning. If some places in your house are attacked by a chaotic, fast-moving or negative chi energy, you can dissolve it, absorb it or reflect it with the help of different remedies.

You can also use Feng Shui remedies to clear the air from the negative chi, that is provoked by arguing or enemies. Some remedies are complicated rituals, while others are very simple: clapping, dancing, spiritual music or filling the space with laughter and happy children.

The flow of water attracts positive chi energy
The flow of water attracts positive chi energy

How To Clean One’s Home And Bliss It With Positive Chi

1. Clean, fix and remove clutter from the whole area to make it ready for a “new life”.

2. Clean your house with the help of the cleansing ritual: turn on some spiritual music or pray.

3. Ask a higher force for a blessing and protection, considering your personal religious preferences.

4. Confirm the blessing by putting a fountain, an altar, a statue or another symbolic figure in this area.

Plants and flowers improve the positive chi in your home
Plants and flowers improve the positive chi in your home
Mirrors reflect and redirect positive energy
Mirrors reflect and redirect positive energy
Music of spheres and bells destroy negative chi energy
Music of spheres and bells destroy negative chi energy
Candles make the passion burn
Candles make the passion burn
Incense is a great Feng Shui instrument
Incense is a great Feng Shui instrument
Fish add some calming and positive energy, while water is good for health
Fish add some calming and positive energy, while water is good for health
Playing musical instruments improves Feng Shui of your home
Playing musical instruments improves Feng Shui of your home
Positive thoughts can radiate a good chi energy
Positive thoughts can radiate a good chi energy
Chinese dragon - attracts wealth
Chinese dragon - attracts wealth

Instruments of Feng Shui

If you use remedies to improve your surroundings, you will need some objects. Here are some examples of what can improve the flow of the beneficial energy to your house and office and will improve your personal chi.

Plants and flowers

Green, straight plants radiate refreshing, natural energy. Even artificial plants can be helpful. Cut flowers also work - the time they stay fresh - and they can add a colorful spot of mood rising color. Plants are the best remedy for the dark, stale rooms where the chi keeps still, they also soften the strokes of chi.

Mirrors redirect energy and keep it going; they also attract everything that is reflected in them - it’s perfect if these are plants or candles. You can use them to add some energy to and light to the small and dark areas and to reflect the negative chi. If your neighbours ignore the looks of their house, try to hang a small mirror on the exterior side of your house, which overlooks them. The Feng Shui practitioners who used this technique admitted that within some time their mood got better, and maybe soon you will see your neighbours start to clean around!

Bells and music of spheres
Their quiet ringing dissipates the negative energy and spreads the positive chi around together with the waves of joyful, calming sounds. Copper bells and tubes are the best. Hang them so that the wind moves them, or for them to be touched when the door is opened and closed, or where a hand can touch them as somebody passes by.

Mobiles, flags and banners
Everything that moves, clicks, and has multiple colors, like these objects, can dissipate the negative chi. Place them between your house and the objects that have a potential threat, such as active highways, racing tracks and fast water flows.

Crystal balls
Natural and artificial crystals dissipates light and colors. Hang some balls over your bed for them to reflect the harmful energy while you are asleep, and in the places where the chi energy is still, to reinforce the positive chi energy.

Candles bear the fire yang energy but it is somewhat soothed and softened. Candles make the passion burn, and if you place them in the area of the Glory (in the north), they help to reinforce the reputation.

Aromas and scents
The scent of essential oils, flowers and dried flowers can create a special mood. Lemon, rosemary and pine suit best for destroying the negative chi. Lavender and violets have a calming yin influence.

Water is a powerful Feng Shui instrument, having a rich symbolism. Water stimulates the flow of chi, if it flows by itself, and it calms the spirit and the mind if it stays still. The best fountains make the water flow towards the center of the house. Any clean, transparent water is good for your health, only if it doesn’t flow outside.

The presence of fish adds some positive and calming energy. Their non-stop continuous movement is like the flow of the positive chi.

Almost any music influences the chi of an area and the chi of the people that are in this area. Choose the music that corresponds to the mood that you are planning to create with this music. Recorded music is suitable also, but the best music is live music. Even clapping, stepping and making sounds with your voice have a strong influence.

You are a powerful source of chi! You can reinforce chi in a certain area and influence it in other areas - thanks to the positive thoughts that you radiate.

Symbolism of Feng Shui
Feng Shui uses a rich cultural tradition of the Chinese symbolism, to reinforce the intentions and to attract chi of a certain kind. For example, the image of a statuette of a dragon that holds a pearl is a strong instrument to attract wealth, as well as a three-legged frog on a pile of coins. Statuettes, pictures and other symbolic elements of the interior can work on you even if you have no idea about the meaning that they have, although they become much more powerful when you know what they mean.
But you do not necessarily have to refer to the Chinese symbolism. You can as well use traditional European symbols or inherit some symbols from any cultural tradition that you like. However, inventing your own symbols is maybe the best!

How Feng Shui Wise Are You?

Do you have any feng shui cures at home?

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2018 Feng Shui Tips and Cures

© 2011 Anna Sidorova


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    • avorodisa profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Sidorova 

      8 years ago from Russia

      the girls, it's nice of you to mention the meaning of the positive personal chi. thanks for your feedback. good to know you remember your lucky directions!

    • the girls profile image

      Theresa Ventu 

      8 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      I like the feng shui you wrote about "yourself". It is indeed the most powerful chi. There are also certain auspicious directions for certain individuals for the instruments. I just remembered mine :-)

    • avorodisa profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Sidorova 

      9 years ago from Russia

      You are very welcome! Thanks for your feedback!

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 

      9 years ago from San Francisco

      This is a great overview of the basics of feng shui- and I appreciate it a lot! I was just thinking about how I needed a refresher. Thanks for putting this together!


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