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Remodeling And Landscaping Without Professionals - For Real?

Updated on April 17, 2017

Wanted: A New Yard, But With Low Funds...

So I'm planning on redoing my yard this year, largely because I'm sick and tired of looking at the patches of bare ground where grass should be. This isn't a matter of my dog tearing things up - he used to be a digger, but not so much, anymore, and certainly not in the front yard - but a simple matter of the topsoil having eroded and taking the grass with it.

But how far do I want to go with it?

I know digging everything up will save me big bucks, as I don't have to worry about a landscaper trying to charge me extra for it. I'm young-ish, fairly strong, and enjoy doing physical work, so why not? From there, I just have to grab some topsoil and blend everything altogether with a cultivator.

I picture everything as being very simple in my head, but I don't think it will be that easy at all. It'll take a whole lot of hard work, and require a lot of questions about how and where I want things to go. Do I want decorative pieces like fireplaces or fountains? How much grass seed am I going to put on? What sort of grass seed?

I'm a teacher, for crying out loud, not a gardener. I never realized that there are several considerations to make throughout the whole renovations and redoing processes. My front and back yards both need doing, but I don't have the money to get a professional redoing the whole thing, so why not give a shot at doing it myself?

Sure, the thought makes me nervous, mostly because I've never tried something like that previously. But life isn't made for living in your comfort zone the whole time, so why not give something a shot? I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing, but I'm pretty decent about researching and finding out what the right tools for the right job might be, so that's a good foundation.

Now, to get me a sod cutter, or a decent spade at the very least, a whole lot of grass seed, topsoil and maybe even an aerator. Sounds about right, at the very least, so why not start with that?

It will definitely save me some cash by doing these things, and hopefully I'll get through without injury, but this will be a pretty awesome experience, for sure.

It's Long Overdue


Lawns Make A Statement

So - I'm not quite sure what sort of statement my lawn is currently making, but I don't think it's a positive one right now, and while it's great fun to watch my kids race around on the lawn and play with the dog and maybe even each other, it would be great if it was an actual legitimately green lawn without bare patches.

Perhaps my lawn is currently making the statement that "hey, I've got potential here - let's see what we can do once you start digging and giving me fresh seed and topsoil!"

Even the dog looks out from the deck and wonders where the nice, soft grass is for him to bounce in. Clearly, something needs to be done, but as I look out, I'm overwhelmed with decisions to be made, and trying to figure out exactly when to get started. These will all fall into place, eventually - it's just a matter of how.

You don't want it to be too warm outside, or too cool, and that means something needs to be done in relatively short order. I could start today, burt as I look at the rain misting down outside - on what promises to be a relatively warm day - I'm thinking I'll be digging more mud than anything else. While that may have been fun when I was smaller, it is not so much now. After all, that would mean that the floors will need scrubbing after (even if it's just in the entryway - I'm not a savage who would track mud throughout my house, after all!).

So it comes time to figure out what to do, what to put where and see about recruiting my kiddos. The family that digs together sticks together, right?

Here We Go!


Let's Do It!


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    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 8 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I like plants and flowers. Grass? Not so much. Lawn service is $30/mo. Best money we spend. We easily spent that much not knowing what we were doing!