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Home Remodeling Trend

Updated on June 15, 2017
Home Remodeling Trends
Home Remodeling Trends

A Boom In Remodeling

In today's world, the typical homeowner spends about four times more on home maintenance, repairs, and improvements than you or I did ten years ago. Some of the increase is caused by price inflation, but most of it is simply an increase in remodeling activity. North Americans, it seems, have fallen in love with purchasing old homes and then renovating them. The national home improvement industry grew from less than $30 billion in 1980 to an estimated $120 billion in 1990 and is presently on a continued rise.

This love affair has become legendary, but not without some negative connotations. There are books, movies, comedy routines, and reality shows characterizing home improvement as a black hole or money pit.

I believe I know the source of this fear and trepidation: The average person doesn't have enough information to make informed decisions on repair, maintenance, and renovation. Even the most experienced do-It-yourselfer, faced with even a simple need ( let's say fixing drafty windows and doors), has no readily available data on what their options are, and what is the cost.

Fixing windows and doors can mean anything from painting, weatherstripping, to new fit in sashes and screen doors to a quality generic replacement window or door, to name brand designer window and door.

Lacking information of this sort means homeowners have to rely on the advice of remodeling sales person, often non-communicative repair people, or conventional wisdom. I think this myth is so wrong about home improvement. What are your views on this post? Your comments are of value please share them.



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