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Home Decorating - Creative Ways To Use Removable Wall Hooks And Adhesive Strips

Updated on October 6, 2011

Tired of fending off the random assortment of jerry-rigged objects falling off your walls?

Four years of college dorm living has turned me into a space utilization master. One of the greatest discoveries I made during that time was the (much underrated) removable wall hook. These little hooks worked wonders for my roommate and I. It did not take much time for our room to become bedazzled in all of our wonderfully arranged photos from home, favorite posters, poster boards, and nick-naks, all arranged with the use of removable wall hooks.

But we did not stop there my friends, oh no we did not. We continually came up with more and more creative ways to use removable wall hooks. So, if you don't like putting holes into your walls and are tired of fending off the assortment of jerry-rigged objects around your living space, give these nifty little do-dads a try.

Here are some of the creative ways I have used removable wall hooks and removable wall adhesive strips...

Command wall hooks come in 3 different sizes

In General...

Yes, I know it's fairly obvious that you can use removable wall hooks and adhesive strips to hang photos or posters. However, it is all about how you do these things that will really make your space look clean and organized.

  • Use hooks if your pictures or posters are framed. Hang the frame by clear fishing line if you don't want the string to show, ribbon if you want to make a fun statement, or wire if you want a nice clean look.
  • Use adhesive strips if your photos or posters are not in frames. All it takes is a simple peel and stick (make sure you use the right side of the strip for the object and for the wall).
  • If you are working with limited wall space, unframed photos and pictures look really great when you place them all on a single hanging board. All you have to do is hang the board on one hook, and then stick as many photos to the board as you like. This method also makes photo rearranging really simple, because you can use tacks or tape to stick the photos to the board because... the tacks and tape don't touch your walls.

Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom

Clothes and Accessories

  • Hang up jewelry in a convenient place on your wall where you can get to it easily
  • Display a special garment like an old jersey or piece you picked up traveling
  • Stick the hooks on the inside of your closet to hang ties, scarves, belts, or hats

Decorative Items

  • If your room is feeling a bit drab or plain, hang up some colorful fabric from the hooks in different ways across your wall or ceiling for some extra pizzaz.
  • String decorative lights around your ceiling, mirror, bed, or wherever strikes your fancy.
  • Adding mirrors to a room makes the room appear larger, so pick up a few mirrors and hang them up on a hook, being careful to watch the weight limit for the particular hook.
  • If you want some quick and easy curtain solutions, place two or more hooks on the wall above your windows, and hang some light fabric for instant curtains.

Ideas for the Office

  • The 5 pound hook is great for holding up bulletin boards, message boards, or white boards
  • Hang up your phone head set or ear phones near your desk for easy access
  • Tie up loose cords and wires with a rubber band. Stick a removable hook near the outlet you will use for that item, and hang the cord bundle on the hook. It's a neat and orderly way to untangle yourself from all your loose cords. 
  • Hang your calendar in an accessible location
  • Some people like to display holiday cards or letters from family and friends on surface areas, but if you hang them up with removable adhesive strips, they will be out of your way, but still on display
  • Hang art supplies like scissors, staplers, etc. 

Ideas for the Cleaning Closet or Pantry

You will have one remarkably organized cleaning closet...

Cleaning Supplies:

  • Hang up dusters, rags, cleaning brushes, cleaning gloves, and any other small item on your pantry wall
  • You may also hang up your broom or mop from a weight baring removable hook
  • Put any other smaller cleaning supplies in light plastic buckets to hang up
  • Coil up any extension cords or rope and hang from the hook you place on your wall

Ideas for the Hallway or Entryway

It is really convenient to have those last minute items right by the door for you to pick up as you leave your house.

  • Place wall hooks next to your front door for your sunglasses, keys, and umbrellas
  • Farther down the hall you can place hooks for coats, purses, bags, and helmets
  • For any other items, hang small, light baskets

Ideas for the Bathroom

  • Hang up your robe or towel on the inside of the door or on the wall
  • Everyone needs a clock in the bathroom while they get ready, so hang one up!

These products are perfect for bathrooms because they are water resistant...

Ideas for the Kitchen

  • Hang up measuring cups, measuring spoons, or other cooking utensils
  • Display decorative cups and mugs
  • The removable hooks are also able to hold up lightweight mixing bowls


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    • gulnazahmad profile image


      7 years ago from Pakistan

      Your hubs are amazing and the images are really cute. They are very creative hangings for the walls.


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