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Remove Stains in Ways You've Never Thought Of

Updated on September 3, 2017

Remove the Mess with Less Fuss

Stains can come in many forms and sizes and there's not always a miracle solution for everything. Sometimes, ink stains won't come off with your handy stain removal and something as simple as a dirt stain could come off with an easy home remedy.


Stain Removal Solutions

There's a bunch of home remedies that you could be putting into use today!

1. Hairspray

Using hairspray to remove stains seems almost too random, but it works! However, you can't just go using it on everything. It's effective for ink stains that are notorious for being difficult to remove.

2. Skin Colour (Nude) Tights

Aren't you supposed to just wear tights? Well behold, you can use your old tights do perform stain removal magic. These should be rubbed onto deodorant stains and it's surprisingly helpful. (P.S. Dryer sheets can also be used in a similar purpose.)

3. Vinegar

Found in every house hold, vinegar is surprisingly useful in removal many types of stains. Tomato sauce, tea and coffee can be surprisingly difficult to remove. The trick is to dab the spots with white vinegar before washing normally as usually.


4. Salt

Salt is cheap and abundant. If you've accidentally spilled a glass of red wine one night, salt will be there to the rescue. Simply apply the salt over the stain and let the stain dry to a light pink colour before soaking in warm water. Your dirtied garments will be as good as new!

5. Milk

It doesn't just make your bones grow strong, it can also remove pesky old, dated blood stains. Blood stains have been known to stain forever and be difficult to remove, but milk will do the trick. Just ensure the stain is immersed in milk for a few hours before following your washing routine.

6. Chalk

Sometimes, we accidentally wipe our clothes on our oily foreheads after a long day. If you're in class, simply smear the area with a piece of white chalk and remember to launder the item as soon as possible.

Below are some more examples of neat stain removal tricks. Hope this helps you out!



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