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Removing Blood Stains on Fabric

Updated on August 16, 2011
Those hard to clean blood stains!
Those hard to clean blood stains! | Source

This is one of my eHow articles that I have pulled out. It has been pirated many times and reporting violations is getting old. I have rewritten the article. These are steps for cleaning blood stains on fabric.

The materials needed to perform these steps are laundry detergent, dish washing detergent, vinegar, meat tenderizer, hydrogen peroxide, corn starch, salt, hydrogen perozide and any old bright colored cloth for cleaning.

Act on removing the blood stain immediately. The longer you wait, the blood will dry and make itself even harder to eliminate completely.

Whatever method you choose, use cold water instead of warm or hot water. Blood will dissolve much better in cold water. Using warm or hot water on blood is like cooking the stain on fabric. The blood will just harden and will become more difficult to clean.

The process of removing blood stains will be like removing ink stains but much easier. It may take several iterations of applying a cleaning solution and blotting until the stain is completely gone.

For the simplest of procedures, wash the fabric like you would normally do in your washer. Ensure that the detergent uses enzymes which are proteins that help break down the stains faster. Go to any store that offers detergent and look for enzymes on the product packaging.

Detergent with enzymes will allow you to rewash the fabric with the same stain with less frequency. Using laundry detergent with enzymes will also work on rugs as long as the soap is liquid. The process to remove blood stains on fabric flooring as removing any stain on carpet. The detergent must be poured over the soiled area at full strength and soaked up with a sponge or wet cloth. This must be done over and over until the bloody area is removed.

A second way of removing blood stain on fabric is to use vinegar at full strength. Pour the vinegar over the stained area and use an unsoiled bright colored cloth to soak up the wet area. Replicate the process until clean to your heart’s content. The disadvantage is obviously the smell. This can be removed by washing any fabric material in the washing machine, as long as it can fit. Rugs must use a steamer to get rid of any odors.

The third way of removing blood stains on fabric is to use detergent for the dishwasher. Use the soap undiluted and pour it into the blood stain. Let the detergent soak at least 15 minutes. You will have to judge the time depending on the size and amount of blood in the fabric. To finish the work, use a steam cleaner if you have rugs. Use the washer for any fabrics that can fit inside it.

A forth method works best for blood stains that have dried and stubborn for complete removal. Use any procedure mentioned above until you come to a point where the remain stain can’t be remove with the same system. For the remaining soiled blood residue, soak the fabric in cold water overnight. Mix equal amounts of meat tenderizer and water to make a paste. Rub the paste solution over the stain. Allow several hours to pass to have the paste dissolve the soiled areas in the fabric. Blot the remaining stain out with cold water and a rag.

This fifth procedure is best of blood stain on mattresses. Mix a solution of ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide, ½ cup of cornstarch, and a tablespoon of salt. Message the pasty mix into the stain on the mattress. Let the mixture dry complete and wipe the residue off to examine the results. If the stain is not completely gone to your satisfaction, just reapply another hydrogen solution paste on the stained area.


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