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Removing Clutter, Moving Energy

Updated on February 20, 2011

Getting Organized

Everyone has their own idea about clutter and the things they love in their home, living space and office. There is a difference in having the things around us we love and make us feel good and clutter. Clutter usually consists of things that sit around collecting dust that we may not know what to do with or have anywhere to put. When we have too much "material stuff" in our spaces, not only do we impair our ability to get around in our home easily and be efficient, but we also clog up the flow of good, positive energy or Chi (Ki or Qi) which is the energy that's in everything and the basic circulating energy of life. When you feel the flow of Chi, Prana or Life Energy within you and around you, you will understand about energy flow in your home and within you to have inner and outer peace.

Maintaning your space is the key. Spend fifteen to thirty minutes each day picking up trash and cleaning up daily clutter before it becomes overwhelming. Of course, the best policy is to do our best not to create it in the first place. (smile)

Don’t try to unclutter your whole house all at once. Start with a drawer or a shelf and move on to bigger problem areas once you’ve had some smaller success. Try working on one room at a time or getting a closet cleaned and organized before going to the loft, attic or garage.

Organize your clutter. Use attractive baskets, jars, tins and bowls to collect mail, pens and pencils, loose change and all the other odds and ends that collect on counters and tabletops. Try to keep similar items together, like candles, nails and screws, lightbulbs etc.

Storage is important for containing clutter. Your home should have ample storage space and its great if it can take up at least ten percent of your home’s total square footage and be placed in areas that can be used conveniently. Storage and storage containers that are attractive help to hide your clutter even if you can't get rid of it all!

I've learned to buy furniture and storage items that do double work. Our house doesn't have a lot of closets so I found armoires that hold coats, blankets and give me storage space with drawers in them for linens too. They look nice in the house and can be used in a multitide of ways. End tables and night stands with drawers or shelves in them are handy. Book shelves to keep your book collection nice and for breakable treasures. Coffee tables that open up for magazines, pillows and blankets along with hope chests and baskets, can look good while helping to stash away necessities. Shoe racks and slotted shoe cubbies with slots are great for one pair of shoes or they hold a wide variety of items to be stored neatly.

I use wooden tie racks with pegs for some of my necklaces, watches, ear buds for ipods & other devices and expandable wooden peg racks to store hats, scarves, purses or anything you might need to hang that's not real heavy. They can be hung vertical or horizontal in spaces in all sorts of spaces.

I find baskets and the wooden peg racks at yard sales and thrift stores for a small price. I've also found hat and shoe boxes that can be covered to store pictures, bills, small knick knacks and cords for appliances.

When my children were younger, each had a different color clothes basket with their name on it. I used them to put their clean clothes in but also for "clutter" they left in rooms other than their bedrooms. When taking their clothes to their rooms, the baskets did double duty to help keep organized when I did my nightly sweep of the house. Once "their stuff" and clean clothes were put away, dirty clothes then went into the basket for the next wash day.

I've tried space bags and their good if you don't over fill them or they don't get cold. They can rip easily when when they have too much in them and are stored in a cold area. I like plastic storage containers, clear ones or lightly colored, so I can see what's in them. I store my treasures and keep sakes in them.

I have lots of books and magazines with articles and recipes in them I want to keep, so the best idea is to organize and label. I write on my old magazines, what's in them I want to keep and what page the articles on. I also may tear out what I want and toss away the advertisements. I put the pages I save in folders that are labeled. I do the same with my bills and other information I've printed for a later time, using folders or expandable files.

Mark a few boxes or bags “Keep,” “Throw away,” “Give away,” and “Hold.” The best thing, is to remember the law of, "if you haven't used it or worn it in a long time, then it may be time to get rid of it!"

There are plenty of Charitable Organizations to drop items off to or call them for a pick up for larger things or large amounts. A few of my favorites are the SPCA, Hospice, Salvation Army and Goodwill. You can advertise on FreeCycle groups in your area, just about anything and make arrangements with people to come pick them up or meet them. Freecycle keeps things out of the landfills and finds a new home for items that can be used and wanted by someone else. There are plenty of online lists to advertise to sell or give things away like Craigslist.

If you can’t find a place for something in your home or office or you just don't need it any longer, it’s time to say good-bye.

Learning good rules of storage and organization can be a life saver when you live in a small house, have a big family or have a lot of stuff! It makes it easier to live, cleaner and safer to get around in your home, office or space when things are kept in order.

Many people have clutter, but its "their" clutter and often they have it organized "their" way and they have a system. What ever works best for you and fits your style is the way to store and get organized. In doing this you'll feel more peace and good energy flowing through your home, office or sacred space. Energy is affected by clutter and by getting organized you'll sleep and work better, be more creative, energetic and productive, not to mention happier and healther!

2000-2011©Mystickblue/Fran Hafey All rights reserved.


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    • Mystiblu profile imageAUTHOR

      Fran Hafey 

      7 years ago from Virginia, USA

      Hello Eiddwen, lol, no, what you said makes perfect sense to me! Our children are grown too and it was much more "normal" to have clutter and "stuff" all around and out of place when they were around. I don't know how people do it either, having a place for everything! Yes, it does depend on what is classified as clutter, all of us are different! My partner is not organized and our home is small and we both have too much stuff, (packrats) so I've had to learn how to store and do the best I can. We're Retired Military too, you'd think we had learned not to have so much, but we've been settled for about 15 years now and stuff accumulates! When I reached a point when I knew things HAD to change, due to energy, I began doing all the things in this article and so many others understand about this topic and share helpful hints too! I still have to work at it! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it and it made you think. Thank you for commenting, always lovely to hear from you. Blessings~

    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      Hi Mystiblu,

      A good read and very thought provoking!! I am a mum to six children so obviously our home when they were growing up was cluttered, but then that depends what you classify as cluttered!!!

      It was home and clutter goes hand in hand in a busy home!!!

      I could never understand how people could have a home with everything in it's place as the children were growing up.

      However there is only myself and my partner at home now and he is very organised and I love our clutter free home.

      So to put a different perspective on things clutter would now be of no use at all and this is when it needs to be de cluttered.I would find clutter in our home now very stressful and I suppose what I am trying to say is that our perception does change as the years go by and circumstances do change..

      My comment makes perfect sense to me but I do understand if you can't make heads or tails of it!!! Ha ha!!

      Thanks for a hub that made me think.

      Take care,



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