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Rental Properties in London in High Demand

Updated on March 25, 2011

The demand for rental apartments/flats in the London area looks set to remain strong throughout 2011, predict property experts. In an unstable property market, renting seems to be a safer bet than buying, and it negates the need to find large deposits to secure a house. Specialists have also noted that increasing uncertainty about future job prospects, along with the obvious lack of mortgage financing will fire the trend further in the second half of 2011.

People are realising that it may be a better option to rent in the short term, rather than getting tied into a long-term mortgage, when unemployment levels are still rising.

This also applies to existing tenants in the London area – who may continue to rent a property for a longer period than they would have done before the current fragile economic climate. Understandably, they will be reluctant to move, due to concerns about finding another suitable apartment, without paying extortionate renting costs and the headaches caused by the actual move, and finding a good London removals company.

The demand for good quality and affordable rental accommodation across London is higher than ever. Rental prices have risen by 13% in recent months, meaning that London property rental demands have reached a two year high. It’s estimated that eight applicants are going for each rental property – and this means that demand is outstripping supply across London. People are scrambling to view properties, only to find that they’ve already been let – it’s a frustrating scenario, and very stressful for potential tenants.

Certainly, it’s a great time for landlords - who now have a larger number of applicants for their rental properties. It has been reported recently that 63 per cent of residential landlords feel more confident about the marketplace this year than they did during December 2010. However, clearly, it’s a less than ideal situation for tenants. So how can a potential tenant secure a property in an obviously difficult market?

Speed would appear to be the key. It would seem that if you are looking for a rental property in the London area, you will need to be prepared to move very quickly – when viewing a potential property, and arranging your move. As soon as a property hits the market, you will need to view it, and secure a tenancy agreement as soon as possible. Then you will need to find a reliable removal company in London to arrange your move. If you are looking for a man and van London removal company – there are many online.

NOT Recommended

A really good man and van, London based, will understand that the current demand on rental properties means that you will need to move very quickly to secure accommodation, and they can help you with every aspect of your London property move. 

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