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Renters Take Note: Why Your Condition Report Can Save You Money

Updated on April 10, 2012
end of lease
end of lease

Exactly What Is A Condition Report?

At the beginning of a new lease, you will need to prepare along with the lease agreement what’s known as a ‘Condition Report’. This gives you a chance to pay attention to the general state of the property going one room to another, checking fixtures and fittings to make sure you never skip something that’s either broken, dirty or out of place. If you find any damage to the home, markings on surfaces, damaged faucets, spots on carpeting and rugs etc filling out the condition report in greater detail may possibly help you save hundreds or even thousands at the end of your tenancy.

As reported by the Tenants Union ACT Inc: ‘The condition report will certainly be a primary piece of evidence that will fully stand up in the courtroom in case the landlord/agent report a compensation claim for damages’.

The reason why Filling in the Condition Report in Detail is So Crucial

Prior to deciding to transfer to any property a condition report should be carried out. Legally, you ought to obtain 2 copies of the condition report when you sign a lease contract. In the event you don’t understand how to complete the condition report, you’ll discover the ‘how to complete’ information on the first page of the report. You've got up to a couple weeks (in some countries) to send back 1 copy to the realtor. Don’t rush into completing the condition report or in any respect feel compelled by the rep to complete it in a rush.

Take Some Time

This will likely give you a opportunity to check the general state of the home to ascertain if there is any issues which the actual agent neglected to highlight. Bear in mind, if you don’t concur with any of the statement be sure to add your own personal comments and don’t neglect to sign or initial.

You'll be able to apply to the proper authorized bodies: Trader, Consumer, and Tenancy Tribunals for the feedback to get changed in the event you don’t accept any of the insights compiled by the owner or realtor within the report. Keep the condition report for safe keeping along with the rest of the important paperwork that you've obtained i.e. the lease contract, bond form etc.

The greater in depth the report is on your part the better. Countless agents and landlords manipulate easy and ‘lack of detail’ reports to file damages towards tenants therefore spend some time to complete the condition report in depth. Another significant factor is to take photographs as well as videos whilst doing the inspection/condition report. As the saying goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ This gives you greater protection in case the landlord makes a claim for damages at the conclusion of your tenancy.

If because of the random possibility you actually haven’t obtained the condition report through the agent/landlord, you need to document this and inform the landlord/agent in writing. There are numerous of websites that you could visit to acquire your own condition report but these are wide and varied so be sure you check with the right legal bodies in advance. If your property manager or agent isn't able to generate a condition report at the conclusion of your lease and wishes to lay claim for damages, the judge will most definitely rule in your favour.

In summary

I’ve witnessed numerous renters lose all of their bond money simply because they’ve neglected to store and make a duplicate copy of the condition report and keep it in a safe place. The rep has taken advantage of this and has had items replaced and cleaned at the tenant’s expense. For this reason the condition report is indeed very important to tenants and renters. It’s a legal report which will fully stand up in the courtroom should any difficulties or claims occur at the end of your lease contract.

Factors to consider:

• Fill the document out in depth
• Take pics and vids whenever possible
• Make additional duplicates of the paperwork
• Store within a safe place.

By using the tips previously mentioned, get ready to enjoy a stress free tenancy! Feel free to visit: End of lease cleaning Melbourne or cleaning services Melbourne to learn more about getting your bond back in full.


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