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Reorganizing Your Closet and Getting Rid of Unwanted Personal Stuff

Updated on July 8, 2012
  • Get rid of clothes that are worn out or cannot be used if sizes do not fit you anymore. You can either give it to someone else that can wear it or give it to charity for donations.
  • Another option to get rid of unused clothes and get a payback for the money you spent on clothing is to organize a garage sale for all your unwanted clothes and personal stuff. If you are familiar with Ebay, you can also sell all these used items at a cheaper price or post it in free classified ads. There are always people who would like to buy used items at a cheaper price.
  • With your existing garments, shoes, bags and other accessories, try to make a mix and match of everything to have a different look. There is probably no need to buy new line of clothes to wear. Be creative and use your fashion flare out of the existing things that you have so that you can allocate your money for clothing on other things or personal projects.
  • Doing a mix and match of your clothes can be fun for you and it will give way for a dress make over that probably you have never realize or experience. Try to put on different match of clothes with added touch up of accessories in front of the mirror and see how it looks on you. You might be surprise of the new look you got there.
  • Arrange your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories in an organize manner which would make your choices of wearing clothes on a day to basis easy, convenient and less time consuming.
  • You can probably arrange matching clothes together and put them on same hanger or groupings easy for you to grab and get on a day to day basis. This way you already have set of options in your closet to choose from depending on your mood and what you want to wear on a certain day.
  • If you don’t know how to mix and match clothes, you can ask a friend to help you or probably do some research on the internet, magazines, TV or probably observed how the clothes in the mall are being displayed so that you will have an idea of what matching clothes looks good on you.
  • On your closet, separate clothes that you wear for work, casual outing, special occasion, recreation activities and ordinary clothes that you wear at home. Separate shoes, bags, underwear, accessories into groupings and arrange them in a nice organize manner. Keeping a well arranged closet will give you a clear mind to decide what clothes to wear on a day to day basis without too much hassle or time consume in dressing up.
  • It is always nice and appropriate to have a separate hamper or basket to put on your dirty clothes for laundry. Separate clean clothes for pressing and piling in your closet. Always take good care of your clothes so that it will last long and you don’t need to spend so much money on buying new clothes. You can also separate clothes that are for alterations or repair so that you reuse them again instead of buying new ones.

Hope the above tips will help you get personally organized. Have fun rearranging your closet!!!


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