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Repairing your own raingutters

Updated on September 16, 2012

When it comes to repairing existing rain gutters there are a few things you should know

There is no repair for rusted out rain gutters, they must be replaced.

If your spikes (gutter nails) are falling out and the gutter is coming loose; Use a sturdy ladder. Position it in the center of the sag on flat level ground and lift the gutter back into place. It's best to get help to hold the gutter in place if possible but it can be done by one person. Just zip a screw through the back of the gutter into the wood to hold it in place. Be sure to reposition the spike at least 1/2 inch from the original hole before driving them back in ,DO NOT GO BACK INTO THE SAME HOLE. Be sure there is good wood behind your spot of choice and drive them back in hammering the head of the spike as flat and evenly as possible while gripping the ferrel ( spacer) with the other hand as tight as possible.Keep in mind not to pound the spike in so far as to dip the face. REMEMBER the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, when you change the angle of the spacer it is easy to dip the face if you pound the spik in tight.For this reason it is best to keep the spike as straight as possible.

If your corners or end caps are leaking; Fist clean the area well with a rag & soapy water, rinse well and let dry thoroughly. Then use a RUBBERIZED wet patch such as “OLD HENERY’s” It is the only product that will stick to an older serfice...IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BE SURE THE PRODUCT IS RUBBERIZED..If not and it cures hard IT WILL CRACK during expansion and contraction caused by temp variance and WILL LEAK..

Use about a third of a tube to seal corners by applying the wet patch directly over the existing sealant being sure to use enough to cover the existing sealant. Using a small putty knife.smooth in the wet patch from the center out covering all existing sealant or any seams that might be exposed.. This should re-seal the corners and give you many more years of service.

Re-sealing end caps or downspout outlets is done using the same procedure as re-sealing Corners. Clean the area , let dry .Apply the RUBBERIZED wet patch all the way around the end cap or outlet smoothing in all the way around to be sure the wet patch covering all existing sealant.

If the gutters or down-spouts are smashed or bent Just a little, try to reshape them as best as you can using your hands or perhaps a rubber mallet tapping from the inside of the damaged area.If the bottom of the gutter is bent use the rubber Mallet and pound it bak into shape.The Idea here is not to make them look new again as much as it is to insure they flow properly. Any rips or leaks can be repaired with the wet patch.

Hopefuly this information will help you to repair damaged or leaking problems & extend the life of your existing Gutters

Any Questions or if you need hardware such as spikes (gutter nails) or ferrels (spacers). feel free to call me @


Randall Blackwell Lic # 967662



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