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Repellents for Mice, Rats, and Other Rodents

Updated on July 24, 2009

Repellents for Mice, Rats, and Other Rodents

Disney World, Disney Land, or a laboratory are the only places we prefer to visit a mouse, rat, or other rodent. Waking up to a rat balancing on your bed truly gets the day off to a miserable start.

Field mice tend to infiltrate human dwellings searching for food and water. In the Summer during drought periods, the cool moist air inside an air conditioned 2 story will attract them. They prefer the company of other rodents, so don't expect them at the dinner table, but look for telltale signs that they have taken up residence. Partially nibbled food containers, tiny rodent droppings, and soft scratching sounds in the still of the night may be signs that you have undesired company.

Repelling mice and rats can be as simple as setting out a few traps, if the infestation has not morphed into a convention. Ultrasonic devices are also sold online and through infomercials on television. Plug the unit into a wall outlet; hopefully the sound waves generated by the electronics will cause the mice and rats to look for more inviting habitats. On the other hand, that hawk circling outside might be incentive enough to learn to tolerate the incessant whining. And how you you know it's on? You can't hear it. Perhaps a howling dog in a nearby yard can help you determine whether or not the $19.95 plus shipping was sell spent.


Nuke 'em? Scattering rat poison throughout a dwelling might solve the rodent problem but introduce other issues as well. House pets such as cats, dogs, parakeets, and geckos may also fall victim to the nasty stuff. Better to leave that job to a professional.

Rat Trap with a live Rat

How to catch a RAT

Rodent Control

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      nicomp really 8 years ago from Ohio, USA

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      The Shark 8 years ago from Hampton, NH

      Hi Nicomp, do you think these methods would work in DC?

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