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Replace Your PureAir PCO Systems Components

Updated on February 26, 2015

Are you looking for the replacement components for your Lennox PureAir PCO filter system? Better yet are you looking to save money for these items, if yes you should be buying the PCO Maintenance kit. You should be looking to replace these three components at least once per year to keep the air in your living space clean and keep your air conditioner running efficiently.

All homes have some sort of indoor air quality issues no matter how big or small. You have dust, mildew, bacteria, pet dander and viruses floating around your air space. These particles are common in all homes and cause problems for many. If you have an air purification system like Lennox’s PureAir system you can enjoy a much cleaner living space.

If you have the the PureAir Purification system you know it uses multiple technologies to improve indoor air quality. For filtration Lennox included a MERV 16 pleated filter that will capture up to 95 percent of particles at .03 microns and larger and up to 90 percent of particles .01 microns and larger.

The UVA lamps activate the Photocatalyst on the Insert which destroys chemical vapors and odors as they pass through the system. The PCO will reduce the toxicity of the air as it flows through. There is no ozone produced by the filtration system, it is actually reduced.

See benefits of buying the complete maintenance kit below.

The Merv 16 Filter

The MERV rating for filters describes the size of the holes in the filter that the air could pass through. The higher the MERV rating the smaller these holes are which enhances its filtration ability. When you have a pleated filter such as the ones used in the PureAir system you get a larger surface to catch particles. It is best to replace your filter at least once a year. If the filter gets too dirty it will decrease the airflow across the filter which in turn creates a pressure drop and some loss of efficiency. This filter should be replaced once a year.

The UVA Lamp

The purpose of the UVA lamp in your filter system is to activate the Photocatalyst of what is called the insert which allows it to capture and destroy chemicals. This bulb should be replaced once a year.

The Purpose of the Insert

The insert is a single piece honeycomb designed screen that is Titanium dioxide coated. It is used with the UVA lamp to help destroy chemicals in the air. The insert should be replaced once a year.

Benefit of Buying the Maintenance kit

Each of these three components can be purchased separately. But you will find if you buy the kit you will get all three together for a less of a cost. There is a maintenance kit available for the PCO14-23, PCO16-28 and PCO-20-28. I’ll use the kit for the PCO16-28 as an example. I checked Amazon and found the UV bulb for $27.97 and the Filter for $87.48. The Insert was not on Amazon but I Googled it and found it for $139.85. These three add up to $255.30.

Of course there were a variety of prices for these items so I went with the lower cost. So you can see that you save by buying the whole maintenance kit.

These items are something you can replace yourself. You do not have to hire an air conditioning guy to do it for you unless you are just not up to it, which is ok but it is a DIY type project.

How to replace the filter, insert and bilbs

Pollution In The Home

Many do not realize it but many of the things in your home are air pollution generators. Of course cigarette smoke is a big one but if there are no smokers in the house there is still a lot of stuff to pollute the air. It has been estimated by the E.P.A. that the indoor air pollution can be much worse inside the home than outside, up to 8 times worse.

You can make the interior of your home more pollutant free by making some simple changes. Making these changes can help reduce the chance of asthma, dizzy spells and cancer that are linked to living in a polluted environment.

One example is pollution from paint. If you have painted or stained furniture it will leak out VOC’s into the air. Also, the glues in the plywood and particle board that may have been used to build kitchen cabinets will be off gassing into the air.

Other obvious things we always think about is mold, pollen and dander. If you have pets indoors they will be contributing in their own way.


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