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Replacement Awnings

Updated on March 22, 2011

The demand for replacement awnings has increased in recent years because of a greater interest in reducing energy bills and, in the case of RV owners, a greater interest in hitting the open road.  As awnings have become more popular the need for replacements has skyrocketed as a result.

Awning replacement for static structures like homes and businesses is often due to bad weather.  Strong gusts from storms can easily knock off an aluminum awning or shred a fabric awning, and it might be worth seeing if this kind of thing would be covered by insurance (though I wouldn’t count on it).  Your best bet in these kinds of situation is prevention.  If you see a strong storm moving in then use some common sense and retract it or roll it up right away.  An awning can act like a wing in strong gusts and the forces on the fabric or metal can often be devastating.

On the other hand, a more common scenario is one in which there’s a need for RV awning replacement fabric.  The reason for this is obvious.  An RV traveling at 65 miles per hour for hours at a time will eventually cause any attached awning to deteriorate and fail.  Drive through strong thunderstorms and this could happen right away.  By its nature fabric is just not a very solid material.

So whether you need awning replacement fabric because you own an RV or because you’ve experienced damaging winds at your home, you’re going to make sure the work is done properly.  Keep in mind that awning springs can be dangerous if not handled appropriately, and you’d be wise to have a few helpers during the process, especially for larger awnings.  If you have a few people to assist you the job should usually take only a few hours.  If you’re like me, though, you’ll save yourself the hassle and just hire a professional to do the repair, instead.  It will keep you safe and you’ll be able to rest assured the job is done correctly.  That way you won’t be driving down the interstate and constantly having to worry about the awning falling off or coming loose.

Regardless of how it happened, there’s no need to be embarrassed by your need for a new awning.  It happens to everyone eventually.  Wear and tear is going to happen, and the smartest thing you can do is to just have the fabric replaced every now and then.  

I think the greater tragedy would be if you just ignored the problem, either because you can't afford a new one or because you're embarrassed by it.  By covering up the issue you could be setting the stage for a disaster down the road.  If that awning comes flying off on the road or comes toppling down on someone's head you're going to feel awfully foolish.  Use good judgement and look into some replacement awnings either online or in the stores when the time has come to get it done.


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