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Replacement Charger: Where to Buy for Thanksgiving

Updated on August 9, 2010

Replacement chargers can brighten up a table for a formal or family dinner party. Around Thanksgiving, using a replacement charger can provide the perfect fall colors to complement your meal and improve your presentation. Consider using replacement chargers that are dark brown, rust, burnt yellow, green, or orange.

When selecting a charger, you will also want to consider the type of plate you will be using. If you will be setting your fine china on your charger, select a crystal, glass, or fancy sterling silver or platinum charger to complement it. However, if you plan on using chargers with more simple, every day plates, choose a less fancy charger (and a less breakable one, if children will be involved!). You will also want to consider the pattern of your plates. If your plates have a very busy pattern, choose a solid colored charger so that your table does not appear overly busy. On the other hand, if your plates are relatively simple, choose a charger with a more eye-catching pattern for decorative effect.

You can purchase chargers from a variety of places. For less formal chargers, Bed, Bath, and Beyond and similar retailers may have what you are looking for. These stores tend to stock up on chargers around holidays including Thanksgiving, so if you are looking for chargers to use at your Thanksgiving meal, you are likely to find festive ones to suit your needs from late summer through November.

For fancier chargers, visit the home departments of department stores in your local shopping mall or in kitchen supply or other home stores. These will likely have a wider selection of colors and styles to choose from, and will also offer holiday-appropriate chargers at seasonal times.

Of course, if you are looking for an economical and convenient option, you can always order chargers from the internet as well. Sites such as and home stores provide you with almost limitless options. If you are looking for chargers with an atypical color or theme, this might be your best option. If you happen to find chargers at a local department store but cannot find enough of them, consider visiting the store’s online catalog to order.

Finally, some craft stores will carry inexpensive chargers as well. Decorating chargers can be a great activity for the crafty, and can give your chargers a personal touch. If this is your ideal, consult design books or pictures of chargers you like before getting started to make sure your chargers turn out the way you would like.

Image Credit: ozmafan, Flickr


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