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Replacement Dresser Handles, Knobs, And Pulls

Updated on February 7, 2013

Looking for replacement dresser handles, knobs, and pulls? You may have been surprised to find that your local hardware store doesn’t carry many options beyond the most basic pieces. Dresser drawer handles are one of those basic pieces of hardware which perform a very necessary function in our lives but we rarely ever think about them until one of them comes loose. If one breaks then things get even worse because finding replacement drawer pulls which match our existing drawer pulls is almost impossible.

One of the easiest and most likely paces to find a replacement drawer knob for your bedroom dresser is probably the manufacturer of the furniture. This may not be the case for generic or cheap furniture but for name brands sold in high end furniture stores you can usually contact the stores and manufacturers and find your replacement parts but for those people who own older model or antique furniture replacing these drawer handles is not so simple; it means you have to shop around through specialty hardware stores looking for an exact match for your broker dresser handle which is hard to do.

Finding Replacement Dresser Handles

The reason finding matches in everyday local hardware and home improvement stores is because there are so many different kinds of knobs and handles available in so many different styles that no one retailer can carry a large enough stock to provide matches to everyone who comes through the door. There simply isn’t enough local demand for retailers to carry so much variety. And because of this they tend to carry only the most generic types of hardware which can satisfy the needs of the most people. They will carry fewer choices in greater quantities so that shoppers who need only one drawer pull will simply buy a new set of drawer pulls instead to maintain uniformity in design.

If you aren’t willing to buy a close match for your bedroom dresser and you don’t want to replace the entire set of bedroom dresser drawer handles then you will have to take your shopping online where most of the specialty hardware manufacturers sell their goods. Online stores allow these merchants to sell larger varieties of product to a geographically larger community of people as online shopping can reach across the country and sometimes the globe.

Operating in a warehouse atmosphere allows these retailers to spread fixed costs out over a larger pool of products lowering individual costs on an item by item basis. In general this allows online hardware stores to keep costs lower than they might otherwise be in a traditional store in your neighborhood. Over all you are more likely to save money shopping online for your replacement drawer handles than you are if you were to do your shopping in your local Home Depot.

Cost And Variety Of Dresser Drawer Handles and Knobs

You may also find that dresser handles sold in specialty stores online offer much more variety than you ever new existed before. This may give you ideas on how you can better accessorize and decorate your home. Most of the time people don’t think of upgrading their cabinet and furniture hardware but giving time and money into these details can really make a home subtly more beautiful and much more pleasant to be in.

The cost of upgrading these types of hardware items can vary depending on the type and kind of materials you buy. Crystal dresser handles will obviously be more expensive than copper or stainless steel. Oil rubbed bronze may be more expensive than brass but depending on your homes style and color scheme you can surely find an affordable option which is both an upgrade in style and in function.


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