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Replacement Of A Mobile Home Exterior Door With A Standard Door

Updated on December 30, 2011

The exterior doors that are used in a normal house and those which are used in a mobile house differ from each other. Not only do they differ in looks and sizes but also differ in the specifications of the making. The mobile home doors exterior are smaller than the standard size exterior doors. Therefore they are not interchangeable easily. But it does not mean it is not possible at all.

The replacement of interior doors such as the closet doors or the Closet Door Mirror Replacement is an easier task as compared to this. This is because the doors used in the closets are more or less the same size all over. Only if the mirror replacement in the closet door has to be done it could take time.

There are specifications given by the housing and urban development on the exterior doors of mobile homes as well as for standard brick homes. The size specification for the mobile home exterior door is smaller in length as well as width than the standard size home exterior doors. The housing and urban development also specifies the material to be used in standard size homes doors.

Though there is no specification about the material to be used in the mobile home doors exterior, they are generally made up of metal or glass with a two sided door. The specification mentioned for the standard house door is that it has to have a side hinge and the material to be used should be wood, steel or fiber glass.

Due to these differences it can be difficult to replace a mobile home doors exterior with a standard home exterior door. Yet if somebody wishes to do so there is no hard and fast rule that can stop him from doing so. If somebody wants to have a standard size door in the exterior of their mobile home they can do so by changing the size of the entrance of their mobile home.

This will require a little more work because for this the space left for the exterior door has to increase. Besides that the door frame will also have to be remade to fit into the size. With all this done the standard exterior door can replace the mobile home exterior door. This is done because the standard exterior doors are more secure and long lasting.

The other option that one has is to reduce the size of the standard exterior door. This has to be done on a customized basis because all the doors made in general would follow the housing and urban development specifications. So if you choose not change the size of opening of the mobile home exterior door you can get a customized standard exterior door made and get it replaced instead of the mobile home exterior door.

Finally it can be said that replacing the mobile home exterior door is not an easy task but if somebody has made up the mind to so because of security purposes it is possible. The customer must only be ready to spend some time and effort.


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