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Replacing Furnace Filters

Updated on November 18, 2010

 The furnace of a home provides the main heat source for the occupants and has particular maintenance aspects that need to be addressed accordingly.  one of these maintenance aspects is the furnace filter.  While the filter acts as a cleanser of the air that passes through the filter, it does much more and has multiple functions that directly affect the air quality, efficiency, and air distributed throughout the house.

Air Quality

This is the most obvious reason to replace your furnace filter.  Indoor air quality is extremely important to your overall health and the health of children.  Asthma, colds, and allergies can all be prevented by changing your furnace filter regularly to make sure that it is properly cleaning the air you breath inside your home.


Anything that inhibits the air flow through the furnace affects the efficiency of the furnace.  The dirtier the filter, the more inefficient the furnace will be because it can not properly distribute the heat needed to the house.  Clean filters allow unobstructed air flow.

Air Distribution

Air distribution to he house should not yield dust.  Dust is the product of dead human skin.  Over 90% of all dust is, in fact, human skin.  This is because human beings shed billions of skin cells per day.  These skin cells end up in the air and get trapped in the furnace filter and other areas of a home.  The cleaner the air, the less dust, which will cut down on allergies, and other inhalatory illnesses.


Changing a furnace filter every 2-4 months is a wise investment not just for your budget, but for your health.  This simply operation will increase your homes efficiency, and make you fell more healthy because you will be more healthy.


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    • profile image

      Jules Ohara 5 years ago

      I had to replace my furnaces filter this year. And I thought it was going to be a huge pain, but its actually fairly easy.

    • toneyahuja profile image

      toneyahuja 7 years ago from India

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