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Reproduction Writing Desks

Updated on January 28, 2013

Reproduction Writing Desks | Replica Writing Desks

Reproduction writing desks are quality produced pieces of furniture reproduced to bear the look and feel of antique desks without passing on the heavy costs of money, maintenance and required care for their older, more valuable cousins.  These desks are constructed from new timber which is sometimes distressed to take on an older look, or sometimes they created from antique planks which have been salvaged.  As an example you might see something like original wood circa 19th century, assembled in 1995.

It is important to note that reproduction writing desks will still be in the $1000 and higher range.  There are some features which add to the cost of the desk.  First, these desks are hand crafted in old style.  Handcrafting desks is more time consuming than factory assembled desks and this does mean more cost.  Second, reproduction desks are produced with fine hardwoods and finishes and typically brass hardware (knobs and handles).  If the desk has been adorned with any inlay work or wood carvings the artistic work will add to the cost, but overall add to the beauty.

One additional benefit to choosing a reproduction writing desk over an authentic antique is the ability to produce matching sets.  Some antiques desks might lack the chairs that came with them or might be otherwise incomplete.  Companies featuring reproduction furniture can just as easily reproduce the furniture necessary to complete an office set.

Because these reproduction writing desks are solid wood the rules for caring for these furniture pieces still applies.  One, protect your desk by keeping it away from heaters, radiators and strong sunlight.  Use placemats or tablecloth with felt bottomed wood coasters to protect from heat damage and water rings if serving food or beverage.  Dusting once a week with a dry cloth is recommended.  Avoid using lemon oil to polish your desk; if it contains kerosene it can damage the finish.  Applying furniture wax every six months will continually protect your investment.  Just be aware that not all furniture waxes are created equal.  Test the wax in an inconspicuous area and allow it to dry.  If it leaves a residue keep looking.

Reproduction writing desks make statements.  These are pieces made to heirloom quality.  With proper care and attention these can be passed down from generation to generation in your own family.  The financial investment into a reproduction desk is simply an investment in quality, durability and a functional work space with the stately appearance of a genuine antique.

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