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Repurpose Oak Floors To Be Green And Save Money

Updated on April 12, 2011

When it comes to installing oak floors in a home or retail shop, there are alternatives that can serve you well in savings, and creating some old world charm at the same time. There are companies that literally salvage flooring from old homes, train stations, and even old public buildings of different types. They keep everything intact, and at times offer in a pre-finished mode that where nails, staples, and the old wax and stain have been removed. Of course if you hired someone to execute a project like this it would cost a lot more than engineered wood flooring.

Oak Floors

The idea is that these niche companies try to remain competitive with other flooring companies and make a profit at the same time. This will not always workout as the larger projects in unique situations will preclude any money savings, but may offer more in design, and quality. You are doing the environment a favor, and "becoming more green", for the planet at the same time. The money savings will also kick in if you have the same company that salvaged the oak flooring to install it at your location. They are already are familiar with the product and any shortcoming that might have to be overcome in the re-purposing project.

Re-Purposed Oak Floors

You will not find these types of companies in the mainstream consumer industry, and will have to search them out via local newspapers, penny classifieds, and online resources as well. The online business world is putting every resource for your home at your fingertips, but sometimes they are just not that easy to find, as people that still speak English may advertise their flooring in a different way of phrasing that you might not find that easily. Much like you maybe looking for recycled oak floors, and they are advertising for re-purposed oak flooring. It will just take a little more diligence on your part to search out these great deals on your flooring needs.

Oak Floors - And DIY Projects

If you are a huge do-it-yourselfer then taking on a project that requires you to save the wood flooring from one house, and re-machining and finishing it for your home. This will take copious amounts of discretionary time on you and your family's part to perform such an undertaking. Finding just the right situation may take some time and patience to match up the right amount resources needed for your home.

Oak Floor Photo

Re-Purposed Oak Flooring
Re-Purposed Oak Flooring


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