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Re-purpose a Table to An Extended Counter Top

Updated on August 1, 2016
Table (counter top) folded up.
Table (counter top) folded up.

We have a small but functioning kitchen. The counter space could be bigger. It seems more room in your kitchen is an important part of your living, More space for preparing food or prepping a cake. Some times a kitchen island is not possible, especially in a small kitchen. So how do you add counter space? Here is a great idea my wife came up with.

Our sister in law gave us a butcher block table and chairs. I said we had no need for it but my wife's wheels were turning. We have a small kitchen counter. The counter top is butcher block laminate.This is a great way to extend the counter. Here is step by step on how we made a folding table (counter top)

  1. Take of legs and braces on table.
  2. Measure the size you will need
  3. cut the table (table saw is better)
  4. add hinges to table( I used gate T hinges)
  5. attach the hing under counter( you will be able to do this if the counter over hangs)
  6. use the original leg from the table attach a small hinge( you may have to add to the leg to make it longer . I cut the other leg. I cut the size I needed then attached with a dowel screw.

Table now counter top

Table (counter top) folded down
Table (counter top) folded down

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