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Residential Carpet Tiles - Peel and Stick

Updated on December 21, 2010

Residential carpet tiles are soaring in popularity because they are a cheap and easy way to make any room in the house fresh and new. The most difficult thing about using these creative carpet squares is choosing amongst all the different colors, patterns, and styles. The peel and stick convenience of residential carpet tiles means a whole room can be updated quickly by virtually any do-it-yourselfer.

Benefits of modular carpeting

There are many reasons to consider the use of self adhesive carpet tiles. One of the most important reasons is the ability to replace worn or damaged tiles with ease. For homeowners with heavily traveled areas, carpet can quickly become dirty, matted, and just plain ugly. With modular carpeting, a tile or two can easily be removed and replaced without having to tear up the entire carpet. Talk about a money saver!

Another advantage to using peel and stick carpeting is the chance to create many different patterns and looks. The simple geometry of these tiles makes them easy to mix and match. Different colors and patterns can be used to create borders, a checkered effect or other more complex patterns. Residential carpet squares are easy to cut and install. This can save money because it no longer requires a visit from an installation crew.

Features of Carpet Squares

Peel and stick carpet squares had a bad reputation for years. Many people associate them with low quality, industrial style carpeting. This could not be further from the truth. Today, the same quality can be found in modular carpet tiles that a homeowner has come to expect in roll carpeting. Residential carpet tiles offer stain and fade resistance and are also treated to avoid mold and mildew.

Besides durability, the styles are incredible! Tiles can be found in all solid colors of the spectrum and in many hip patterns. Tiles can be purchased with a variety of textures and pile depths. The same type of variable fibers that used to exist only in expensive carpeting is now available in a convenient, easy to use square.

Purchasing Carpet Tiles

Peel and stick residential carpet tiles are no longer a specialty item. Anyone wishing to utilize them can usually shop locally at any good flooring store. They can be purchased in small quantities, which make it easy to mix and match. Delivery is no longer an issue because these boxed squares will fit conveniently in most vehicles. If a local store does not offer the brand or style required, they can easily be purchased online. There are even websites that sell garage floor carpet squares.

For the next redecorating project in your home, consider using residential carpet tiles. They are cost-effective and easy to use. The wonderful colors and patterns mean any look can be achieved. The entire family will enjoy them and the savings will also be appreciated.


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