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Retaining Wall Lighting

Updated on November 16, 2016

Internet Retaining Wall Lighting Search

Searching For Retaining Wall Lights
Searching For Retaining Wall Lights

Ep Henry Retaining Wall


Searching For Retaining Wall Lights

So you have a retaining wall. Sure it looks great in the day but now you want to light it up. Unless you are a seasoned electrician you probably have no idea where to start for this DIY project. Most of us simply default to googling the Internet. This is a good starting point but will leave you swimming in a plethora of results. Do not fear it’s actually a relatively easy process. Lets take a look at the best options for your retaining wall lights.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a structure engineered to bind up soils in two different terrains. In layman’s terms they wall keeps the dirt from moving. Retaining walls can be made from wood, stone, and block. For our purpose lets focus on concrete block retaining walls. The walls are made of stretchers, corners, and caps.


Cap Wall Lights

The first type goes under the retaining wall cap. Lights are typically 6 inches wide. A thin rim of flat steel is connected to an aluminum faceplate. The faceplate can comes in an array of colors to match your wall. Powder coated aluminum bronze is a popular choice due to the natural tone. These are by far the easiest to install. No cutting drilling or chiseling is required.

Outdoor Wall Lights

Stretcher Wall Lights

Stretcher Lights

The next type has many forms but as a broad umbrella term we will call them internal stretcher lights. This fixture must be mounted to the inside of the stretcher. A square hollow block that is 6 inches wide is installed in place of one stretcher. These lights were the first available on the market but are less popular compared to cap lights now.

Wall Lighting Kit

When buying the retaining wall lights do not forget about the installation supplies. The lights here are all low voltage. This means any homeowner can wire the 12-2 wire required. Waterproof connectors and a transformer are also necessary. Typically purchasing the entire lighting kit will save money because all the supplies are included.

Outdoor Wall Lighting Kit

Before You Install Wire Your Wall

Planning out your retaining wall allows options. Many choose not to install lights to save money upfront. If you decide this option make the small investment to wire your retaining wall with 12-2 wire. This will let you install cap lights much easier down the road. If you prefer stretcher lights these should be installed with your wall. No matter what you choose retaining wall lighting is an easy, rewarding, and great option to add beauty to your home.


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