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Retirement Home Vegetarian

Updated on August 26, 2013
Pravin Vaghani in Retirement
Pravin Vaghani in Retirement | Source
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A Home of Longevity and Happiness

Jeevan Dhara

(A Home of Longevity and Happiness)

My dream of a Retirement Home, Village or Apartment Building.

(Note:The core of the scheme is co-operative community living, happily in harmony, with understanding and tolerance. I have devoted time in doing research and preparing this scheme purely for a community service. I have no commercial interest in this and there is no copyright on the scheme.)

The Dream

Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. I invite you to join me to dream.

I can say what Martin Leuther said, ' I have a dream.'

But I will say like Swami Vivekanand, 'Arise, awake and Think of your Retired Life '

About 60-70 years from now, a man sitting in apartment no. 503 on the fifth floor of the building ‘Jeevan Dhara’ is inviting a friend to join him in the celebration of his first day in the now world famous ‘Jeevan Dhara’ Gujarati Retirement apartments.

This is what he was saying:

"On one very auspicious day my Dada (Grandfather) put down a deposit to buy this apartment. I was a little child then and my dada about 75. I had heard our family doctor saying then “His heart is so bad, he hasn’t much time to live. Why does he bother to buy a new apartment, I wonder !’ But my Dada and dadi both seemed to be very happy after moving here and proved the doctors wrong. They found so much joy and happiness and so much new interest in life that their desire to live longer pushed out all the weaknesses from them. Their life was filled with tranquility after moving here. They both lived beyond 95. So my dad and mum, who had opposed my dada when he was buying this apartment, decided to move in here when they inherited it. This place must have an elixir. My mum and dad broke the living record of our family and both lived beyond 100 years age. There are similar stories in most apartments here. I am told not a single apartment has been sold in this building since its first inception. Every apartment is passed in inheritance and has remained owner-occupied. You feel that the world is a wonderful place to live in and there is no need to dream of going to heaven after death because the heaven is here already !"

Jeevan Dhara (Stream of Life)

This is the retirement home of my dream.

(Only 40 like minded couples are needed to come together and create their own Jeevan Dhara. If one wants to happily enjoy the rest of the life of retirement, then one must be willing and prepared to downsize – give up the big 40 squares, 10 rooms mansion and come and live in this 8 squares, 2BR apartment in company of the people with similar desires.)

This is not just a retirement home. It is so much full of comfort, happiness and enjoyment that here it feels like being in Heaven without going there. People going in a retirement village sometimes say, ‘This is my last home, I will die here.’ But I would say, ‘I came here to live, I will live here.’

Life in retirement need not be a drab, lonely, tiring, interest-less. Members/occupants are provided with so much entertainment, enjoyment, and encouragement to pursue the hobby of their choice that they all wish they were in a place like this so many years earlier.


This is a strictly vegetarian community residence. Occupants are forbidden to cook or even eat take-away non-veg food in their apartment. In Australia the line between veg and non-veg food is blurred. Cakes and ice creams have egg in it. Some frozen items have meat extracts as preservative, etc. The commonsense may prevail.

No More Cooking

When a man retires from active money generating work, he is totally free and at liberty to use his time any which he likes. But when a woman retires, the kitchen work is still hanging around her neck like a ‘mill stone’. In Jeevan Dhara, it is removed. There is no more cooking work for women, unless an individual decides otherwise.

All meals – breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea/snacks and dinner are included in a deposit of sum of money to the JDAOA Fund (Jeevan Dhara Apartments Owners Association).

For Vegetarians, half the pleasure of living is in the food they eat. With diabetes, heart weakness, bowl disorder and many similar age-related degenerating conditions setting in, doctors put a lot of restrictions on their eating. But their food need not be plain and tasteless. The spices used in the Indian cooking by itself are useful and health-protecting herbs. Although the management or the committee cannot guarantee perfection, with the consultation of the Indian Vegetarian Dieticians and Cooking Experts they endeavour to make the everyday menu full of tasteful and enjoyable items. In addition to popular Gujarati items, a wide variety of North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, etc. items are cooked in rotation.

No Smoking

No smoking is allowed anywhere in the building (toilets and garage included).

The Family

It is well accepted and understood that in the true tradition of the Hindu Undivided Family the hearts of true ndians are craving for the love and company of their children and specially the grandchildren. In the current atmosphere of nuclear lifestyle, influence of the western culture and the socio-economic conditions, the children do not understand the base of the feelings of their parents and tend to neglect them. At Jeevan Dhara, they endeavour to create an environment to attract the children and the grandchildren to visit them at least on special occasions. The grand children are encouraged to spend a weekend or so with the grandparents and even their birthdays are celebrated here.

Professional Facilities(In House)

Indian community has many professionals of various fields. There are doctors, accountants, solicitors, pharmacists, professors, teachers, nurses, builders, etc. and many of them have come to live at Jeevan Dhara. Their services, free or at cost, are available to the members.

The Building

It is a multi-story apartment building, comprising 40 apartments. (Less than 32 will be uneconomical, larger than 48 may have management or social difficulties)

39 apartments are for owner-occupiers and one apartment for the cook/servant.

There is one car space per apartment.

These apartments are not for investment. The apartment has to be owner-occupied and cannot be rented.

If ever needed to be sold, it can be sold only to a retired Indian Vegetarian, approved by the management committee and who agrees to abide by the rules of Jeevan Dhara Apartments.

Every apartment is of same size. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, open living lounge/dining/kitchen and a balcony. When only one or two persons are living in an apartment there is no need for an ‘en-suite’ or additional bathroom. This reduces the cost of construction and maintenance.

The roof of the building has a ‘roof garden’ for lounging in the sunshine (or romantically walking in the rain !).

It is a secured building with double door entrance to the foyer.

There are two automatic lifts.

Easy Access

Wheelchair excess is from car park to anywhere in the building. It is very convenient to move around in the building. The residents are totally immune from the effects of the outside weather. One can go to dining room (ground floor), meeting/satsang room (first floor) or the roof garden using the lift. So do not have to walk outside in unpredictable weather.


A secured car garage. One car space per apartment plus a small storage space. Wheel chair excess from garage to all parts of the building.

Ground floor

Entrance foyer, swimming pool and dining room with kitchen. The breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, which are included in the deposit to the JDAOA Fund, are served here. Morning or additional tea/coffee can be had from the coin operated vending machine in the dining room. A special sub-committee of occupiers is formed to supervise the meals time and manage the procurement of the provisions and deciding the menu. The menu is decided for a month in advance and ensures varieties of delicious food items.

(L & G Toilets included on the floor)


Every Sunday there is a birthday party to celebrate the birthday of the person/persons whose birthday falls during that week. With 40 apartments – 80 or so occupants – there is always somebody’s birthday during a week. The birthday person’s grandchildren are admitted free on that day. A cake is provided by the management. It is a feast day and a sweet and a farsan are included in the menu for that day. If anybody wish to provide additional item he/she can do so at own expense. Help for the procurement may be provided where possible.

First Floor

Library (Self served) – Gujarati books and magazines of the choice of the occupants are procured and kept here for reading in the library only. The room has necessary tables and chairs.

Meeting/Play room – sofas, chairs and coffee/card tables are here. Playing cards, dart, chess, carrem and other board games are procured and made available.

Meeting/Satsang room – for informal get together, satsang or adhyatmic discussions, bhajans, chanting etc. Participants may bring idols or photos of their choice at the time of the meeting but nothing of that kind is allowed to be left permanently in this room.

Prayer room - Non-religious, multi-faith, prayer room has soft light and music. No idol or photograph is allowed to be placed in this room. It is for meditation and silent prayer of who the member believes in. Chanting is also not allowed in prayer room.

(L & G toilets included on the first floor)


Every weekend there is something interesting in the first floor hall. It may be discourse on spiritual or health related subject by an invited expert or some entertainment programme. Sometimes an old movie or a Gujarati drama is also screened on the big screen.

Dementia/Alzheimer Alive Inside

The worst condition a person suffers in the retirement is Dementia. It happens mostly when a person is very lonely and has nobody to talk to. Even in a family environment it can happen to a senior who is neglected. Whereas there is no cure for it, it can be delayed or prevented by keeping the mind constantly occupied and active. In Jeevan Dhara a member is surrounded by so many friends that there is rarely an idle moment for the mind.



The members are encouraged to take up a hobby. A hobby increases the interest in life and adds to happiness. Other than reading and writing, there are hundreds of hobbies suitable for the seniors. Some may need to spend money, some may be free and some can even generate an income.


Not a Nursing Home

This is not a nursing home or aged care centre. This is the home of a very friendly community and they live like a family. In the true tradition of a Hindu undivided family, they look after each other in sickness and comfort in sad or unhappy situation. However, if anyone needs a 24 hour care taker and a regular nursing then a special arrangement may have to be made at their expense.(there may be government subsidy available) or they may have to be moved to a hospital as recommended by their doctor.

Retirement and Health

For most people retirement means end of activity. Slowly but steadily they are moving towards the end of life. In time to come, Ishwar only knows, which one of us will have body degenerating conditions like Alzheimer, Dementia, suffer stroke or be in a wheelchair with broken hip. At that time, don't be a burden to your children. Be independent. Living in a friendly community like this will make life bearable, if not happier.

Safety and Security

The apartment building is safe and secure. So for those who become so fragile that they find it difficult to open the door when some friend is visiting, it is safe to leave the front door unlocked.

There is a knock on the door of every apartment three times a day – morning, afternoon and evening – to ensure that occupants are safe.

Each occupant has a necklace carrying an emergency button, which can be pressed in case of need of ‘Help’, like having fallen down or rolled out of bed and can’t get up, or have hurt, or having heart pain, etc. The help comes immediately. There is a special emergency alarm (other than the fire alarm) which goes on to let everybody in the building know that somebody is in trouble and needs help.

The caretaker has the master key for all apartments.

Cost structure:

1 The market rate of a two bedroom apartment.

2 Every resident owner deposited a sum of money, per person, in the ‘Jeevan Dhara Apartments Owners Association’ Fund. These moneys are invested or placed in a fixed deposit with a bank. The income from the fund, and where necessary a part of the fund, is used to provide the member with all the necessary services as agreed by all occupants. The amount of this deposit has been decided by calculating it to last for 20 years.

3 The expenses to be paid from the JDAOA fund:

A - Canteen expenses – Morning tea, Breakfast, Lunch, afternoon Tea/snacks and dinner.

B – Cook and servant

C – Maintenance of the library, games, general toilets, etc.

D – Every apartment cleaned once a week.

E – Cleaning of common area.

F – Maintaining the standard of the building, repair/replacement

of the furniture, repainting, etc.

G – Maintenance of the Roof garden.

H – Bus trips to Shopping centres, Restaurants, Cinemas, Clubs, Casino, etc.

I – Manager, accountant, if required.

4 Any surplus/deficit is adjusted to the trust fund.

5 The cost goes up every year. To maintain the capability of the fund to finance all the services, the management committee may ask the owners to contribute additional money as required from time to time.

6 Other expenses(Directly paid by Owners):

A – The Body corp fees (Annual-includes building insurance, public liability, etc.)

B – The council rates (Annual)

C – Water, Gas and Electricity (Own consumptions)

D – Personal expenses.

E – Sightseeing, picnic or other entertainment trips.


After the required number of members have registered to accept Jeevan Dhara as their Retirement Home they may form a Co-operative Society. They themselves may get together and make arrangement to draw up and register the required constitution and construct a Jeevan Dhara wherever they wish to have. The outline of rules and facilities mentioned here may or may not be a part of that constitution.


In retirement, first thing you have to decide is what type of life style you wish to have. It surely requires physical and mental compromises and adjustments to move from a large bungalow or mansion into a small apartment. Every retirement village may offer different facilities and lifestyle. Outside India they are mostly based on western culture. Hindus and specially vegetarians may need to make too many compromises to fit in there. In the end, everything depends upon your choice of lifestyle and your financial capability. There is a life of contentment and happiness waiting for you and you get what you pay for.

Refer: - Palsana, Surat. Age, 50+ only

Note: Please put your suggestions in the comment box.

What would you like to add ?

What needs to be modified ?

As per teachings of Gita - Blessings or curses, all are welcome.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Excellent dream, Pravinbhai! There is a demand for such places and I would be interested depending on cost of apartment. I am 62yrs, living in UK & physically fit. I am looking to escape the cold climate in UK and came across your article whilst searching for Retirement Homes in Gujarat. What is the latest position on this idea/proposal? Please let me know at Thanks & Good luck with the project planning & implementation. I am sure you will include Wifi in your project.


    • profile image


      4 years ago


      I am impressed. Was getting excited as I was reading and could not reach the climax.. You have narrated it as if the complex is existing. However, I could make out that its just a vision and you have given a frame-work for the like minded persons.

      (a) What all did you do to promote the project ? Did you advertise the idea ? I believe, not many persons of our age-group use internet.

      (b) If you are in contact with persons interested to set up Jeevan Dhara in Gujarat, Kindly put their contact details so that a group can be formed.

      (c) I cherish a similar dream. Please brows my site at

      My email :

      Hope to listen from you.

      With Regards

    • profile image

      Dilip Trivedi 

      5 years ago


      Wonderful vision! Unless you pick a site in urban downtown area you may want to consider single story clustered cottage like home development. It would eliminate the need for elevators & aid in accessibility. You may even want to opt for a shared van service (instead of multi car garage with one space for every unit).

      I am an architect from Las Vegas NV. Allow me to share couple of videos with you that are practically adaptable anywhere people want to live cooperatively with their neighbors. (you may want to slow the palyback)

      P.S. I couldn't get the first link a quick time minute movie to work here. I could email it to you if you like.

      Dilip. My email address is

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great thoughts. We are looking to book the similar type of apartment . It's hard to collect more people. Is it possible to book indivisible ?where can be this apparent and how much will be cost for each apparent ?

    • PRAVIN VAGHANI profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from 3101 KEW AUSTRALIA

      Vipulbhai, This is my dream plan. It is as perfect as reality can be. I am looking for 40/50 like minded Gujaratis to turn it into reality, in any country - India, USA, UK, Australia.

    • profile image


      5 years ago


    • profile image

      Pravin Vaghani 

      5 years ago


      This is my dream. I am looking for another 38 like minded Gujaratis to turn it into reality, in any country - India, USA, UK, Australia.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      where is such place?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hello Pravin uncle

      I am so impressed by this article.. Been a daughter, I wish this heaven for my parents. Can u please send me the address so we can visit personally.

      Best regards


    • profile image


      6 years ago


    • PRAVIN VAGHANI profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from 3101 KEW AUSTRALIA

      Part of email from Preety Sengupta:

      Hello Pravinbhai, Thanks for your reply.

      I did open the web-page, and read the whole article. It is very detailed, and the housing will be ideal if built and managed this way.

      For me, it is certainly not possible to gather even 4 Gujaratis, let alone 40!! I thought in case you know of such a complex in Gujarat, or even somewhere else in India, we could look into it.

      Westill have time, and there is no hurry, but it is good to know about such possibilities.

      Aavjo - Preety


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