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Retractable Cord Reels

Updated on January 5, 2011

If you want to organize messy cord tangles, retractable cord reels are your best bet. Whether you are looking for home-use retractable extension cords heavy-duty power cords, going the retractable route can neat up your workplace by leaps and bounds. Feel free to browse around this hub to learn more and find some exclusive deals on cord reels below.

Examples of wall-mount retractable cord reels

What are retractable cord reels and why do I need them?

First, let’s get technical. An accurate definition of a reel is something around which lengths of a long flexible material are wound for storage. Obvious examples include film reels and hose reels used by firemen, so the material mentioned can be anything.

A cord, on the other hand, is a more universal term, but for the sake of this article we shall stick with power cords—or electric wires—those that can carry an electrical charge.

Retractable means the ability to be drawn or taken aback, and the action can either be automatic—electrically or via a spring, or manual—by hand.

The reels featured below include both manual and automatic, and can be for simple home use or heavy-duty applications.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that these can improve the look and organization of virtually any place that needs electrical extensions. Non-retractable extension cords can never just be right in length, and you always end us with some excess wire laying around. This can prove to be dangerous as someone might trip over it, and even worse unplug it after tripping—which can be dangerous for you and bad for the device that is plugged in.

Aside from the above obvious reason stated above, having something that retracts effortlessly works in favor of one keeping the workplace neat afterwards. I for one admit to always leaving my stuff behind, just for the simple fact that I am usually too tired to clean up after myself after a tough job. I normally leave lengthy extension cords to be stored away on another day, which sometimes quickly becomes the next time I need to use it.

For a more permanent use, some of these reels are also permanently attached on walls. If you have a workshop, you can have one conveniently located on an elevated area. Simply pull on the cord if you need to use it, and pull the retracting mechanism to automatically tuck your wire in. Quite neat, huh? See below for examples.

Anyway, the succeeding portion lists a number of widely-used and popular retractable cord reels. These have received rave reviews and are being used daily because of their excellent usability. Some even have user reviews; click on each product to read more.


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