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Retro kitchen accessories

Updated on May 22, 2013
retro kitchen accessories
retro kitchen accessories

The incorporation of retro elements in the contemporary decorations looks to be a trend that is here to stay. The allure of the people for the old is increasing, and there is born the ability to adapt ancient forms and patterns to the decoration of modern times. The reintroduction of classical elements in modern life can be directed to several areas, such as decoration and clothing. In terms of decor, the kitchen can be an excellent target for the reintroduction of classical trends, since its accessories and components are composed of a rich history of changes and designs.

Here I will enumerate some good retro kitchen accessories that may give a different touch to your kitchen:

- Tablecloth

In opposite to the tablecloths that characterize most current design styles, a retro tablecloth should be composed of an extremely colorful pattern, comprising several drawings depicting the kitchen, or towels with images of cutlery, fruits, and food in general.

- Fake Food

One of the decorative accessories that effectively illustrates an old kitchen is precisely the fake food. From burgers, hot dogs, pieces of fruit or glasses of liquor, any one of them can help giving a traditional touch to your kitchen.

- Watches with Pin-ups

The pin-ups were once a very strong symbol of popular culture. Doing a consistently allusion to the 40, 50 and 60, the pin-ups serve as excellent pieces of decor for those who want to create a retro atmosphere in the kitchen. One way they may be exposed is through wall clocks that not only function as an object of utility, but also as an excellent piece of decoration. If you fall into a more populist decoration you may also choose a Coca Cola watch, which used to serve as a screen for crisp images of pin-ups.

- Ceiling circular Lamp

A striking image of old kitchens, is that they often have a long circular ceiling lamp, down towards the center of the kitchen table and eventually it gets to no more than five feet from it. If you want your lighting to be properly consistent with the rest of the decor, this lamp will give a striking touch to your cooking space.

- Photos and stickers on the fridge door

This is something that is not seen much nowadays, but it was the usual the fridges to look alike real photo albums. In principle, this might seem to give a slightly slovenly look to the kitchen, but properly inserted into the spirit of the decor, it will serve as an excellent complementary element.

- Oven gloves

Can never have a real retro kitchen without a good set of oven gloves, placed in focus with your stove. Today its role is more practical than decorative, but it will serve as an essential accessory to any kitchen decor.

These are just some essential accessories to make any kitchen look "retro." Unlike some styles of decoration used in the kitchens of today, the old kitchens, through the decoration, were strongly associated with all its accessories to the main theme of this room in the house: the food.


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