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Review: Black & Decker CTO4500S 6-Slice CounterTop Convection Oven with Pizza Bump,

Updated on November 7, 2011

Being a single, when it comes to cooking supper you do not always want to use the oven for a chicken breast and a baked potato. For that reason, I love having a toaster oven as it is a great alternative for heating up the large oven.

Recently my toaster oven of just over ten years died and it was time to replace it. I went to the store to get an idea of what these cost and to find out what exactly I wanted. While you may not think that toaster ovens change a lot, it turns out, they have.

My old toaster oven was capable of cooking and toasting, but that was about it. It also did not fit much more than something the size of a loaf of bread. I had bought a bread pan recently but it was just a little bit too big to fit into my old toaster oven, so I was looking for find something that it would fit into.

I ended up purchasing my toaster oven through Amazon. I was impressed with how quickly it showed up – I came home from work one day and saw it sitting on my front step just waiting for me. It was the standard features you would find in any toaster oven and it is also a convection oven and has a warm feature on it as well. I have heard that convection ovens cook faster than regular ones but I do not notice much of a difference myself.

This toaster oven also has a recessed area so that a person can put a 12” pizza into it to cook. I recently checked this out and it worked wonderfully. For some reason, my regular oven and pizza do not agree as I end up setting off my smoke alarm when I cook pizza, but now I can use the toaster oven with no problem.

It came with a cooking tray as well as a rack so that you can cook toast on it. I don’t tend to make a lot of toast so I have not tried out that feature. The cooking tray is great for making dinner for one on. I can fit a few chicken fingers as well as French fries on it and supper is ready. My bread pan fits as well with room to spare.

I highly recommend this toaster oven if you are looking for a new one without spending a lot of money.


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